Sunday, September 19, 2010

Once Upon A......4 Months Ago

At the birth of this blog, I felt it would be appropriate to start with a large life event that changed my life as I know it. Yup! Graduation/ nursing certification! After 2 years of prerequisites and 2 grueling years of nursing school, I now have the official title of Kami Alston, RN.

Although I will miss all of my dear dear friends at EAC...

Some of my FAVORITE roommates.

Clinicals at Mercy Gilbert
I just might not miss the hectic life of a nursing student.

I felt sooo blessed to have my entire family
there to support me. I could
not ask for a better family. This is at my
"nursing pinnng ceremony".
Sam and I
(notice the stethoscope-yes I
did wear it
the whole time)
My roomates (both nurses) who
graduated with me!!
I couldn't truly be happy about my graduation; of course, because I still had the NCLEX (nursing certification) test looming in the back of my extremely overwhelmed brain. I was soooo scared to take the test I almost peed my pants. I mean...who wouldn't be intimidated by taking a test in a building like this??

No worries though, I passed the test (BEFORE I TURNED 21) and became a Registered Nurse on June, 15th, 2010. Woooohooo!


  1. I am now one of your "followers" which sounds creepy but it is actually a very high honor coming from me. But seriously...that building was SO huge. bahaha. i would also like to thank you for putting me on here three times. May it become a habit.

  2. Yay Kami! What a beautiful baby you have made!