Thursday, December 22, 2011


December 19th

Hola familia!

I can{t even believe that it is Christmas this week! Where has the time gone. Pure craziness! I hope yall arent partying to hard without me!

So this week was pretty amazing as usual. You remember how we are teaching a lady name Mari (the one who has cancer)? Well we invited her to be baptised on the 22nd and she said YES! Only problem is, is that she got a fight with her loser husband and ran out of town. So we are trying to find her. I hope it actually goes through. That would be the most wonderful Christmas present for me AND for her! She is awesome. I think she is really looking for comfort through this horrible trial that shes going through. She doesnt have any close family and her husband spends all his time drunk in the street and with prostitutes. Very sad.

There is another guy that we found on a bus a while ago (Reny) I cant remember if I told you about him or not. But anyways. This week we were teaching him about baptism and he after the lesson before we had even invited him to be baptised he said..."I just have one can I be baptised as soon as possible. I will be baptised today or tomorrow if youll let me. I just know that everything you have said is true and ever since I have listened to you guys, everything in my life has been going better". Excuse me what? That most definitely has never happened to me before. hahaha The weird thing is, is that he has listened to missionaries for YEARS and has never progressed. That just gives me hope that some of the people that I have taught that have never gotten baptised will get baptised with other missionaries. The only problem is, his work wont let him take off Sundays so he cant go to church. So he cant get baptised. But we are praying that he will find a way to be able to go.

So the reason why I am emailing so late today is because we had our mission Christmas party today in Reu at Xetulul. It was pretty fun. It was in a super fancy theatre. I cant remember if I told you or not but President asked me to sing for the talent show there. So I said yes of course. So I sang "where are you christmas". It was pretty fun. But here is the real kicker. A few days ago, the Pres saw a show there in Xetulul. And the lady that was performing was lowered down on this fancy chair with christmas lights on it. So he thought that it would be the best idea in the world to have me start singing and be lowered down on this platform. I of course refused and made up every single excuse in the book for why I couldnt do it but he would not take no for an answer. He laughed and said "oh my little daughter, you dont have a choice". HA! So yeah.....I pulled a Lady gaga and got lowered down on a platform while singing in front of about 200 19-21 year old boys. Yeah, that would happened to me. I was horrified but I did it will pride. And of course the President was verrrrry pleased. haha The Elders were very nice for me and cheering a ton. Although, they started yelling stuff and making kissing sounds and stuff and the Pres got FURIOUS and stood up after the song and said "do you want to be sent home?" Oh dear. Quite the drama. It was quite the experience. But it was fun to be able to see a bunch of my friends in the mission. Oh and dont worry, he definitely played the Alstons home for Christmas CD at the party. haha

Anyways, I think those are the most exciting things that happened to me this week. Sorry I dont have pictures. I forgot my camera cords but dont worry, I will send some next week. I am going to be sending some Christmas stuff for you guys but it will probably arrive SUUUUPER late! Like the end of January. haha But its the thought that counts right?

Well I hope you have a wonderful week and a VERY MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS! Ill talk to you in 6 days! LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SOOOO MUCH!

Love, Hermana Kami Alyse Alston

Monday, December 12, 2011

December 12

Hey fam! I can{t believe how much fun the pictures of the Christmas party looked! I thought I told you to not have any fun without me? BETRAYERS! Its ok, I forgive you.

So a lot of exciting stuff happened this week. The cultural event for the dedication of the temple was Saturday. I hope you guys watched it and recorded it on BYU-tv. It was so fun to see all of the people in my old areas dancing and in my ward right now. We had some recent converts that were dancing in it too which was so fun. We didnt get to go but we watched it on television in the stake center here. I am pretty much famous cause I did the hair of some girls in our ward and they were on national television so that is my claim to fame! haha Then yesterday was the dedication of the temple. It was super good. President Uchtdorf came to do it. We got to go to all three sessions (at the stake center of course). I am kind of sad though, its over! So fast! All of the temple festivities are over! I am sooo glad that I just happened to be here at just the right time and got to see all of it. Something I will never forget!

One lady in our ward (that always helps us sooo much and finds us investigators) randomly got picked to be one of the people who got to be in the temple for the dedication. So on Sunday when she found out that she was going to be able to go, she called me over SOOOO EXCITED and took me aside and just pulled out her ticket to go to the temple. And I squealed and said "how did you get so lucky?!" and she said "its not luck Hermana!" and just burst into tears. She said that it was a blessing from God for helping us with missionary work. So sweet. I have never seen anyone so excited in my life.

So we are teaching this one lady that went to the temple. She said that she felt something so amazing there and that she wanted to get baptised. So we were planning her baptism for 2 days ago and we went there to confirm all the plans and everything and she was drunk. Waa! We were so sad! She had told us earlier that she likes to socially drink but that it wasnt a problem. Apparently that was a lie. But we are still working with her and we are hoping she will get baptised, just a liiiittle bit later.

Oh yeah, I gave President the family Christmas CDs that you sent and you would not even believe his reaction. I left the CD in the office and the next day, he called me and said "hey, who is this?" and when I said Hna Alston, he just started BLASTING the music into the phone. So loud. He let like the whole song play and they ranted and raved for like 10 minutes, no joke about how proud he was that I am in HIS mission and that our family has this amazing talent and how he wants all of you to come pick me up so he can meet you in person how he wants all of our signatures and he wants more CDs. And he wants a DVD of us singing too. He googles us and he has an obsession with Sarah{s voice. He wants to meet her especially. haha He thinks we are celebreties. So dont worry mom, the gift was DEFINITELY appreciated!!!!

Other news of the week....I got lice. No joke. My head was really itchy for like 3 days so I finally had my comp check my head to see if I had them and she was like screaming and like hitting my head and saying "They{re HUUUUUGE!!!! THERE ARE SOO MANY!!!!!!!!!!" hahahahaha You can only imagine my panic. We then ran to the pharmacy, got some de licing shampoo and spent the rest of the night getting the little suckers out of my hair and disinfecting the entire house. WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAPPEN TO ME!!! When the sisters in my zone found out they were just making fun of me. They said "you are so funny cause youre the mission nurse, youre supposed to be healthy but everything happens to you...lice, parasite, dog attack. I really am so lucky.

Also, I was talking to a man this week and he asked me how old I was and I told him 22 and he almost fell over dead out of shock. He said "people nowadays are getting married when they are 12. you are soooooooo old. You already passed your chance to get married. What is your problem?!" He was dead serious might I add. I told him that I didnt know why but that no one wanted to marry me!! hahaha Its probably cause I have lice.

Anyways, thats all my news for the week. But as always thank you for your support and love. I miss you and love yall sooooo much! Dont worry about me over here. I am perfectly safe, happy and having the time of my life! LOVE YOU!

Love, Hermana Kami Alyse Alston

Doing Makeovers

Oh just some friends

Happy December!

December 5th

Hello family!! Happy December! I am sooooo excited that it is December. 1) Because its my favorite month of the year. well one of them. 2) Because its the month of CHRISTMAS! and 3) Cause I get to talk to you guys on the phone this month. I am so excited that I could just die.

So this week was sooooo uneventful. NOTHING exciting happened. I didnt even take one picture to send you or anything. Sorry I am so lame. I spent most of the week doing nursing stuff because it just so happens that EVERY single Elder in the mission is sick. Its insane. They all get sick at the same time. But the thing is, is usually they call me with just like a cold or cause they stubbed their toe or something like that. But this week everyone called me with very serious problems. A few elders have serious knee problems, someone had to go to the hospital for an allergic reaction that they had to a medication, some had to go to the hospital cause they couldnt stop throwing up.... and the list goes on and on. The most intense thing that happened was this Elder that had to go to the hospital cause he had a bad infection in his intestines. So they treated that but it turns out that the infection spread to his heart and kind of did a number on it. Everything is better now and he is out of the hospital but it was scary there for a while. I was in constant communication with the doctor and cardiologist that was taking care of him. It was a little intimidating. Especially medical lingo in Spanish but I actually surprised myself cause I understood everything.

As far as investigators go, 2 of the people who went to the temple, have a baptismal date. But they havent been to church yet so we are waiting for that. And its hard because this next Sunday is the Xela temple dedication and there wont be any church so that will set us back a bit. But it will all work out. Oliverio went to church again. But we couldnt get his wife to go because she has been super sick.

But anyways, thats all I have got for you this week. I love you all soooo ridiculously much! Thank you for writing me and being so supportive! MISS YOU! Remember not to have any fun without me!!!!

Love, Hermana Kami Alyse Alston

November 28th

Hello fam!

I hope you all had a little bit of a horrible thanksgiving without me! Ok, ok, i really hope you had a good one. We didnt really do much for our thanksgiving. We went and worked at the temple and then we went and bought some potatoes and things to make a feast. Well it turns out that none of the ingredients here are the same so it turned out pretty disgusting. But it was ok but im pretty sure that I have parasites again and had absolutely 0 desire to eat anything. I tried to shove some potatoes down my throat and we managed to get a "pie" from McDonalds but it was really an empanada. And that was the extent of my Thanksgiving. But thats ok, there{s always next year right? haha We did get together as a zone the next day though and watched Toy Story 2 and ate Taco Bell so that was a pretty good time I guess. haha

As far as investigators go, we are contacting people like crazy that went to the temple. We have apts with all of them this week. One lady showed up at church alone. So we went and started talking to her and it turns out that on Saturday, she went to the temple by herself. And she told us that just in the introductory video, she started crying and felt something really bonito so she decided to come to church. She said, "dont worry, Ill be coming every week now. I love it!" haha We were very pleased. We also had 2 other investigators at church. One of them, named Mari, has a really sad story. She has breast cancer and is pretty much dying. She has 2 little kids and is getting chemotherapy. She doesnt have hair or anything. But she is awesome and has so much faith and is really positive so we are excited about that. The other one that was there is named Oliver. About 2 months ago, he got shot while he was walking in the street and has been recovering in his house for like 3 months and hasnt left since. He said he was way to scared to leave the house so he couldnt go to church with us. But after a lot of convincing, HE CAME! We were shocked. And he even brought a pamphlet that we had given him of the restoration of the gospel. He doesnt even know how to read but he had it clutched in his hand the whole day. So cute. Now our goal is to get his family to go next week!

So you would not believe what happened to us a few days ago. We were walking down the street, minding our own business and some guy was driving by in his car and said "ADIOS" and threw a rock at us. But like a big one. And HARD! It hit Hna Hidalgo right in the head. Poor thing. She just BURST into tears. And couldnt stop crying for a very long time....until I bought her an ice cream cone and then she was very content. Oh the things that happen to us as missionaries.

Somethign else funny that happened. We were on the bus on our way to Xela. And the guy that was taking money for the bus ride was charging everyone like 5 Quetz more than it should have cost. So I just payed him of course, trying not to cause problems. But he caused the biggest riot. Everyone on the bus was screaming and a few men stood up and they were fighting! Like, actually fist fighting for quite a while. And the whole bus got involved. It was hilarious. I was just enjoying the entertainment. haha I love my life.

As far as Nursing stuff goes. Last night I got a call from our ZLs and it turns out that they were playing around and an Elders hand got slammed in a door. But super bad. I had to go to their house at like 930 at night. It turns out that the whole top of his finger pretty much wasnt connected and he didnt have a nail. I just cleaned it up and he had to go to the hospital for stitches. The president called and was livid. Not at me of course but at the Elders for being dumb.

Well i think thats all the news I have for you right now. But I love you tons. Have a wonderful week!!

Love, Hermana Kami Alyse Alston

Some girls in our ward about to dance! }

Dont even know.

Zone thanksgiving feast.

Our thanksgiving.

Our thanksgiving feast....I was a little ill and did not feel like eating.

Mission friends. Hna Nelson left me. waa!

The baptisms that I never sent you the pictures for.