Monday, August 22, 2011

August 15th

Hello familia!

Well as you can tell by the subject of this letter, I'm really not sure what to say. For some reason my mind is completely blank and I cant think of anything to tell you. Normally I'm just typing as fast as I can to get everything in! So I apologise ahead of time for my boring letter.

One super exciting thing that happened this week is.....SANDY AND EVELYN GOT BATISED! It was super interesting trying to get the signature from Evelyn's mom. I had never seen this women in my life after living here for 7 months!! She is M.I.A always! BUT we finally found her in the house and signed without any problems. I think she just wanted us to leave as soon as possible. haha It was precious though cause after the baptism, they just couldnt stop smiling and kept on saying....I just feel so happy! I'm just so happy! Love that.

I'm afraid, however, that I have come to hate Sundays. That's a bummer huh? Sunday's used to be my favorite day! Yesterday we went to go get Sandy Evelyn so we could walk with them to church. It was especially important that they go because they were going to get comfirmed and recieve the Holy Ghost in sacrament meeting. Well we actually woke both of them up and we ended up being 20 minutes late to sacrament meeting. We missed the sacrament and they had to get confirmed at almost the end of the meeting. Oh good heavens. I always end up being so stressed and annoyed because our investigators are like 30 minutes late. Or people lie to us all day long and tell us that they will be there when really they have no intentions of being there at all. And I don't know what it is but it seems like every Sunday, we get at least 3 really rude people chew us out. But that's ok, one day my Sunday's will be peaceful once again. haha

Well it turns out that one of the families that we are teaching will most likely get baptised the 27th of this month. That is if all goes smoothly. They will get married and baptised the same night! How happy!! I just LOVE her! She is always giving us hugs and acting like our mom. So darling.

So here is a funny story just to show you how "religious" people are here. First, you need to know that around Reu there are GIANT pilas. Like its the size of a swimming pool and people can go there for free and wash there clothes or bathe or whatever. There is one right next to our house. Anyways, I didnt actually see this but my comp was telling me about it. Apparently there is a "John the Baptist" day. And on this very special day, they had a dance party in alllll the pilas. You could choose whichever one was closest to you and there was a disco ball and super loud music and a dance party INSIDE the pila! bahaha! I love Guatemala. Have I mentioned that?

Another random funny story. We were at a lesson teaching Sandy and Evelyn and Sany's 90 year old grandma was there sitting on the bed. She is darling but bless her heart can't hear very good. So anyways, somebody said something funny and we all starting cracking up. But the thing is, is she thought we were laughing at her so she raised her arms up in the air and started waving them and laughing like a witch (trying to imitate us) and kept doing it for quite a long time. We were all staring at her and when she stopped she said "why would you say that God doesn't answer my prayers?!?! He DOES hear me and he LOVES me!!!! You are all going to be punished! God is going to punish you for making fun of me! You just wait! He will PUNISH you!!!" haha! Poor little thing. I felt bad but was DYING on the inside trying not to laugh. Don't worry, Sandy explained to her very nicely that we were not laughing at her and that God definitely does listen to her prayers.

Well fam, sorry that's all I got for you but if I am lucky and my computer works, I will send some good pictures to make up for my boring letter. LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY PDAY!

Love, Hermana Kami Alyse Alston

Me and Hna Hidalgo. LOVE HER! Oh p.s. in our interviews, pres said that we were probably gonna get moved together this transfer to open a new area. woohoo! But he always changes his mind and therefore cannot be trusted.

One of the hoodlums that we teach. He drew me that pic. :)

The cleaning guy at the church. He generally only talks to us with hand motions. That's why we are doing weird things. I LOVE HIM!

The driver of the tuc tuc's baby daughter was shoved in the back of the tuc tuc! haha!
Car wash pics that I never sent.

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