Wednesday, November 10, 2010

First letter from Guatemala


well sorry my punctuation is going to be horrible but this keyboard is
really weird and I dont know how to punctuate!

Well I am officially in Guatemala! Crazy huh? I was on the plane with
like 10 other Elders. Wonderful. haha That part wasnt so bad but now
that Im here its really frusterating. I am THE only sister from North
America. I have a companion kind of but not really because shes not
even in my district so I dont see her ever. She is from Equador and
doesnt even speak one single word in English. None of the sisters do.
And Im not even allowed to sit next to the Elders at meal times or
anything so basically I just dont speak. Its kind of horrible but
hopefully Ill learn fast.

I DO share a room with some sisters from North America though. One of
them is actually a mission nurse specialist going to Guatemala City!
They are super nice but I never get to see them.

When we first got here, someone was supposed to pick us up from the
airport. Well before we knew it, we were whipped into a school bus
that said I love Jesus all over it and were driving to who knows
where. haha! Luckily, we made it to the CCM and were greeted by a
crowd of cheering and clapping Elders and Sisters. We felt VERY
welcomed! haha

The MTC here is soooooo small its insane. Its about the size of a 3
story house. It looks like a house too. I like it a lot better than
the MTC in Provo but Im feeling a little out of place since I dont
speak spanish. But that will come! Words cannot describe the craziness
of the city! ha! I love it! It is a huge city and so ghetto but at the
same time gorgeous because its all jungly everywhere. So pretty!

The president here is super nice. Its crazy because its so relaxed.
Like no one really follows the schedule, no one knows what anyone is
doing, and the teachers just dont show up. Its funny but I like it
cause I have more personal study time.

The food is alright. Kinda strange. The tortillas do not taste like
tortillas at all! They are really gross but for dessert we ate the
most delicious flan ever! (yes mom, be jealous).

The mail is really confusing. I still dont quite know how we will get
letters but I dont think dearelder prints off here. So if you write me
on that, they will probably just send it to me. I think they are
pretty strict on only emailing immediate family. So mom you should
just send this to whoever wants it. Could you email it to Sam at
sam.polley at and my old companion amber at
amber.woffinden at Sorry, I dont know where the at
symbol is on this keyboard but you get the general idea. I did hear
that it takes letters about 3 weeks to get here and we cant send
anything but paper. So I guess I wont be able to send you my pictures
of SD card. But I CAN get packages so you can still send me stuff.

Well I dont really have a whole lot else to say I guess. AND Im almost
out of time. But I miss you all and love you tons and tons! Write me
all the time!!

p.s. My pdays are every Wednesday!

p.p.s. I dont know if this is the address I gave you but its
Hermana Kami Alston
Boulevard Vista Hermosa
Zona 15
Vista Hermosa 1


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