Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November 17, 2010

Hi family! Wow, all the computers here are retarded and I have like 5
minutes to write so sorry! I´ll just keep it very informative. My
spanish is improving a ton. I swear I learned more here in the first 2
days then I did my entire time in provo. I love the latinos here. I´m
still the only north american girl. I don´t have a companion. Everyone
feels sooo sorry for me. For teaching and contacting purposes, I have
2 Elders as my companions. It´s odd. Especially having companionship
inventory but they are super nice. All of the Elders in my district
treat me like I´m their little sister that they have to protect. All
the latin Elders follow me around like puppy dogs and tell me that I´m
pretty and stuff and how they are all going to come visit me after
their missions. I had to be called out of the class and talk to one of
the teachers about the elders that were flirting with me. Ridiculous!
The latino sisters love me. I have no idea why, but it´s soooo cute! I
can communicate decently with them but we do have to play charades
alot. Yesterday, one of them called me over to her table
and gave me a snickers bar and a note that said Ï hope you like the
chocolate. Preciousness!! Today was their first time going through the
temple. One of the latinos family came all the way from nicaragua to
be sealed to her today. She was practically in tears out of
excitement! We got to contact at the temple which was fun. I was
actually surprised at how well I could talk to them. We teach our
lessons in Spanish now. It´s really hard but I get so much better
every time. They found out I was a nurse here and I have been giving
shots and TB skin tests and such. It´s kind of fun. I saw the doctor
that will be my boss. He is a CRAZY PERSON! He was yelling at the
teachers here cause of something they did. Cranky cranky pants. I am
the official piano player for everything here. Emailing is the best
way to communicate. I it takes sooo long to get letters. Sorry I can´t
write everyone back individually but I love reading them so keep them
coming! Sorry this email is so lame. I´ll try to make next weeks
better. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!ç
Love, Hermana Alston

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