Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Letter from November 30th


So I get to write a day early today. Today was kind of my pday because
everyone in the whole MTC left to their missions except for our
district. So today we got to do this kind of cultural day and spent
the entire day shopping and sight seeing. It was super super fun! Its
crazy to see how different it is in different parts here. We went to a
under ground market and it was so crazy. It was sooo ghetto and poor.
I took some cool pics that ill send home as soon as I get into the
field. Then you go only like 15 minutes and we went to a mall which
was nicer than probably any mall Ive ever been to and ate taco bell.
haha weird! We also got to go to a museum which was pretty cool and
got to learn about the Mayans and such. And our mission pres showed us
exactly where they think the Nephites settled and everything. Its
basically exactly where we are now. I just love this place!

This week wasnt as eventfull as the last but I still got to do some
fun stuff. I got to leave the MTC once again to go to the doctor with
a sister that messed up her knee somehow. I went and the doctor had to
give her a shot of cortisone in her knee and he kept on asking me the
whole time is this ok? Does that sound alright to you? I was like...oh
yeah sure! Like I was an authority or something. haha I guess thats
what its going to be like on the mission!

It scared me half to death though. The doctor was at the MTC right
before we left for the doctor and he was glaring at me from the
opposite side of the room. And I was starting to feel uncomfortable
when finally he said in front of everyone...The first presidency
OBVIOUSLY didnt screen you well enough before they called you to be
the mission nurse! I almost had a heart attack and was trying to think
of any possible thing I did wrong. Finally he busted up laughing and
said...youre just to dang cute!!!!! I guess the area seventy really
did see me and it has been a topic of discussion with them. Scared the
heck out of me. haha

So since I am THE ONLY girl left in the MTC. I get the calling of
coordinating sister, music coordinator, choir director, MTC pianist,
and MTC nurse. Wonderful. This should be an interesting three weeks.

In answer to some of your questions....
On pday We go to the temple in the morning. The session is in English
but we have to get through in Spanish which is interesting. Then we
come back and go shopping and this portable store that comes every
week. Then we get to write letters, email and do whatever we want
basically until dinner. Then we have class after dinner. No, I cant
write letters any other day. Yes, I do my own laundry. There are
washing machines and drying on our floor and we are assigned to
different days. Yes, I get to leave the MTC quite often actually. When
we contact at the temple we walk there. Its just right across the
street. In fact, if you want to see the view from my window, just
google the Guatemala City Temple. Then when we teach our fake
investigator, its actually in a house across the street that we walk
to so it feels pretty real.

I cant even tell you how happy I am that I chose to come on a mission.
I think about it every single day. I have never felt the spirit so
much in my life and I can honestly say with all my heart that this
church is TRUE!!!!!!! haha I know Im a cheesy little missionary but I
dont care. The gospel is so wonderful and perfect and I cant WAIT to
get to Retalhuleu to tell everyone about it!!}

Tell me all about thanksgiving! And details about home! Dear elder me
or write me if you can cause I have no time to read emails. I hope you
took pics of thanksgiving and the new ranger and everything. I love
you all! Thank you soooooo much for your letter and EVERYTHING. It
means so much! I feel horrible that I cant write back often or send
christmas presents or anything. I promise I would if I possibly could!
Miss you!!

Love, Barbie Guapa (what all of the latinos call me)

p.s. Im so sorry I didnt say this in my past emails but HAPPY BIRTHDAY
SARAH AND CALEB!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so glad you were born and hope you
had wonderful birthdays! LOVE YOU!

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