Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January 10, 2011

Hello Family!!

Wow! This week was so eventful. Probably the best and worst week ever!! I have been getting calls offfff the hoooooook from sick people. EVERYONE in this mission has all kinds of worms and rashes. It´s incredible. And ´weve had to send a few people to Guatemala City for some more serious stuff. I better get a dang good letter of reccomendation out of this. baha Just kidding....but for real.

Ok, it is the best week because we have 8 possible baptisms coming up soon. We found a TON of people to teach which is amazing. Three of them (a mom and her 2 teenage daughters) walked up to us and asked us to give them the charlas so that they can get baptized. Ok! That would be out pleasure! haha! No, Luiz and Bertilia never got married and they haven´t been to church in the past 2 weeks. We went and chewed them out yesterday so hopefully that helps. Haha. I would go on and tell you more about all our investigators and stuff but when missionaries would write letters home about allll their investigators I was always so bored and swore I would never do that. So if they end up actually progessing and getting baptized, I´ll write about that. So anyways, that´s why it was a good week.

NOW, why it was a bad week. Especially yesterday. First of all EVERY SINGLE ONE of our apts fell through. So we spent the ENTIRE day walking. It was horrible. And while we were walking, we got chased by a pack of dogs. I HATE STINKIN DOGS!!! (I´m sorry Pearl, please forgive me). We now carry rocks around with us. Good think Hna Nelson is so brave. She beat them off with a Book of Mormon. baha! The other reason is, I am soooooooo sick of the men here. Alll of them call us beautiful chancitas (like white girls basically) and then (this is the worst part), they make a kissy noise that is sooooo juicy and lasts for like 30 seconds straight. I swear yesterday I almost punched one in the face. And one nasty man did something so gross and nasty I´m not even going to write about it. So I am beginning to hate men in general. Which is a bit of a problem when you are trying to teach them the gospel. Something I have to work on.

Here are some funny culture things...
- in church, they had a beautiful plant in front of the pulpit. the only problem is, is that the plant was A LOT taller than the pulpit and the speakers. bahaha! made me laugh really hard.
- They put absolutely everything in plastic bags (I think I sent you a picture of me drinking out of one last week (Drinks, Ice cream, popcicles, everything).
- We got a bunch of referals from an activity that we did and we have spent the last 3 days looking for them without finding even 1. The reason? Here is an example of an house is off of the street with the book store. Turn right on that street and then look for the tienda called lamb of god. There are 500000 book stores! And 50000 lamb of god tiendas. Good heavens. baha Needless to say, addresses dont exist here. Its just the red house next to the Coca cola store.
- Last night at Hermana Anas house (our cook) She made a specialty of cow nerves. They looked just a liiiiittle to much like the cadaver in anatomy so I respectfully declined. Maybe I´ll be more brave next time.

Sorry that I didnt have any explanations to my pictures but I just ran out of time. I´ll try to do better today. I love you all tons and tons!!!!!!!!! Thanks for everything!!

Love, Hermana Kami Alyse Alston

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  1. Tell Kami I love reading her letters b/c like she said, lots of missionary letter are boring, however hers always make me laugh! :) I found her blog through Lindseys.