Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24th, 2011

Hola Familia!!
Well this week was a rather exciting one! We had another baptism. Jessica (the 15 yr old with a babe) got baptised on saturday. It was sooo happy. She could not stop smiling the whole time. Precious. We asked her how she felt afterward and she just kept on saying soooo happy. And then she asked if she could have time afterward to share her testimony with everyone. So cute.

Also this week was a little creepy because at least 3 people told us we were going to get rob. And not just told us but they would stop us in the middle of the road and say uhhh Hermanas. You can´t walk around at night alone. You´re white, you´re going to get robbed. Awesome, thank you! And every house we went to, when we left they would say. Not you´re going right home right? And we were like...uhh no it´s only 5. And they would all tell us that we should be scared and go home cause it´s so dangerous. Kinda creeped me out. baha But nothing scary has happened this far so I guess we´re good!

Well alot of you have been asking me about what I do as a nurse so I will give you the run down. I have a cell phone on my 24-7 and missionaries call ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the time. Some of them are legit reasons like rashes and parasites and such. And others are completely ridiculous. Like a headache for 30 min. I call the doctor a lot because I do not know stuff like what to do for a strange Guatemalan rash all over your body. He is very nice though and doesn´t seem to mind. Sometimes you have to send people to Guatemala City to go see a better doctor there so I´ve had to call a few surgeons and doctors there which is sometimes interesting in Spanish. Hna Nelson talks to most of the Elders who speak spanish and I talk to the ones who can speak English. They have to get permission from me to go to the doctor or get medicine and everything. Some of the time, I go to the farmacia and get the medications for them. Every companionship has a bag with every medication they should need for the general stuff and you have to refill them each transfer. Transfers are coming up so we´ve been working on getting a count and what all we need to buy and tomorrow we´re going to the farmacia to order all the meds. I don´t really have a special time set apart in the day to do nursing stuff, I just kind of talk on the phone when they come and sometimes we´ll go back to the house in the middle of the day to call people and the doc and stuff. Although every friday morning we go to the mission office to chart everything on the computer and in the missionaries files. Basically anytime I need to do nursing stuff, I just go home and do it. Hna Nelson comes with me to everything. She calls herself the Nursing Assistant. haha

Things that would only happen in Guatemala....
This week a member fed us some kind of sea creature that looked kind of like shrimp but GIANT!!!! And it had millions of legs and it´s eyeball still attached that I had to eat. They were VERY crunchy...

Lately...actually always when we contact people. We go to the door and we ask there kids if there mom is home. And they always say MOM! THEY´RE LOOKING FOR YOU! And you hear this voice say WHO and the kids say THE CANCHITAS! Which is like, the white girls. And you hear this IM NOT HERE in the background and then the little kids come back and lie to our face. It´s great. But this week we had an apt with this family and we watched at least 10 people walk into the house. And when we knocked, the one guy answered and we asked if his family was home and he said NO IM ALONE HERE of course. So I was just going to say, ok whatever and walk off but Hna Nelson LOVES calling people out so she said OH WHEN YOU SAY YOU´RE ALONE, YOU MEAN YOU AND THE OTHER 10 PEOPLE THAT WE JUST SAW WALK IN THE HOUSE RIGHT? bahahaha It´s great. I love harrassing people every day!

Well Ï typed this really fast so sorry if it didn´t make any sense but I love you all soooooo much and think you all are the greatest! Thank you for your emails and letters. I LOVE THEM!! Don´t have any fun without me! Talk to you in a week!!

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