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December 27, 2010 1st letter from her area.

Well hello my dear family and friends! I regret to inform you that once again I do not have that much time because A) the computer is soooooo slow and unreliable and B) I just spent a good chunk of time reading your fabulous emails! I was soooo excited to get them. Im going to write a bunch of letters today when I get home.

Well since I just talked to you all on the phone, I dont have a whole lot to report. Especially because the day after I talked to you, I got deathly ill with some bug that everyone has here. I thought I might actually die but today I am feeling quite a bit better. Lets see....I realized I didnt tell you to much about the people-investigators here. NO ONE keeps their appointments. There is no such thing as time. EVERYONE says that we can come over whenever we want but they have no interest in talking about the church, they just want out company. We really only have 1 hopeful investigator. His name is Luiz and his "wife" is an inactive member. He used to be in a gang and just informed us that he has killed a ton of people. Awesome. The good news is, we have convinced them that they want to get married and he said that he wants to get baptised. The wedding is on Thursday. HOPEFULLY. Everyone says that though and then they are never home when we come to teach. Ohhh Guatemala. Everyone has "spouses" here but I have yet to meet someone who is actually married and not just living together for like 20 years. So a big thing is just getting people to get married before they can get baptised.
Everyone here just wants to "grow closer to God". Like when we ask them to pray to know if what we have said it true, they say "Oh no, I believe you, I dont need to pray." haha Its rather interesting. A TON of our time is spent visiting inactive and new members. There are sooooooooooo many inactives. They just get baptised and then never think about the church again. Its a bit discouraging. But at least we have Luiz.

About is HOT HOT HOT. I guess when I got here, I was just lucky because it was going through a kind of cold streak. I am dripping with sweat all day long and we walk everywhere through the dirt so I come home looking like a latino with all the dirt all over me. My house is absolutely ridiculously horrible. I didnt think that they would let sisters live in such horrible conditions but its all part of the adventure! baha! The only bit of furniture we have really is a giant hammick. There are GIANT GAPING holes all over the roof and and spiders and cobwebbs everywhere. Our sink/ clothes washer is called a pila. Its like a horse trough with three sections to it. It has water in it constantly and a bucket where you wash everything. I will send pictures of it but I dont think im going to have enough time today. For sure next Monday, I promise! Our shower is a little pipe sticking out of the wall with a small trickle of ICE cold water coming from it. haha! I love my life.

As far as nursing goes. I get calls ALLLLL the time. Its incredible what sissies some of these missionaries are. Last night someone called me at 11 saying that his chest hurts a little bit but only when we breaths in really really deep. And he has no other symptoms. haha I told him to suck it up basically. Some people have called with actual legit stuff though and I´ve had to call the doctor a ton.

Well I cant think of a ton more to say cause I already told you so many details over the phone. But thank you all soooooooo much for the packages and letters and emails! They made my LIFE!! I was sooo happy!!

Oh and the address that you should write me at is
Iglesia Mormona Boulevard Centenario
Salida a coatepeque, Zona 2
Apartada Postal No. 26
Retalhuleu, Guatemala
Dont pay attention to the other one I gave you.

Love you all more than life itself!!!!!!!!!! Have a FANTASTIC week!
Love, Hermanita Alston

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