Monday, March 21, 2011

March 14th letter and pictures

Helloooo familia!

Well so much stuff happened this week, and I dont know which stories I should tell you. Life is so hard. Having to decide what to write home each week is just to much to handle. ha

I suppose I shall start out by telling you about Aurelio. Remember the perfect lesson that we had that was so great and then he text us and said that he felt like he belonged in the Catholic church? Yeah well we chatted with him again and now he has a baptismal date for this coming Saturday!! Now dont get too excited because I dont know if its going to happen. But he accepted to work now to prepare himself to be baptised so I just gotta have faith! But on Sunday morning, I dont know if I told you this or not but we have to get up at 515 because we have to go wake people up for church. Well anyways, on Sunday morning, we were going all over waking people up and trying to get them ready but NO ONE COULD GO!! Including one of our other investigators that wants to get baptised. We were so depressed and walking into the church empty handed when Aurelio pulls up on his scooter with a HUGE smile on his face waving. I felt like crying I was soooo happy! I really hope that it works out for this Saturday!

Other exciting things that happened this week. We go out to this remote area in our area called Ocosito every Saturday and we chat with all the inactives out there and we always ask if there is anything we can do to help them. Well almost always they say no but this time she said yes, we can help her wash her dishes. So we were so excited and went to her pila to go start but there was no water in it. So it ended up that we had to hike down to the river and carry 3 HUGE buckets of water back so we could wash dishes. She taught us how to carry the water on our heads. Its actually much much easier. I totally sang the song off of Jungle Book about fetching water and I felt super cool. haha She also taught us how to make tortillas by hand only. Lets just say, I have a lot of practicing to do.

Random culture thing. So here I guess that they believe that when Christ was suffering in Gethsemane, his apostles had like a little ritual thing and dressed up and danced as Gods and stuff. And they celebrate that every year here. Its called Carnival. All the kids dress up in different costumes so its pretty much like halloween. haha But they also have a TOOON of cascarones and break them everywhere. So there are these little boys that always attack us in the street. We were so glittery it was ridiculous.

Well I dont really have much else to say except that it is HOT. SO. STINKIN. HOT. I was laughing one night cause Hermana Nelsons alarm clock can tell the temperature and one night I was like man! Its really cool tonight. Whats the temperature? And she was like Oh wow! It is cool, its only 86 degrees! hahaha We were in heaven. Usually when we go to bed, its about 90 degrees in our room. haha!

Well sorry if I bored you to tears. Ask me questions if theres anything Im not including that you would like to know. Thank you sooooo much for your letters and support. I love you all more than life itself. And remember. Dont have annnny fun without me!

Love, Hermana Kami Alyse Alston

Awesome delicious fruit that is like a mosquito bean, but you suck the stuff off of the beans and its all sugary and delicious.

Menos Activo family that we visit all the time. IHEART HER SOO MUCH and her name is ALICIA which makes me heart her even more. haha

This lady is hilarious and wanted me to be sure and send you pictures because A)It's her bday today and B)because she wanted me to tell you that she is one of the original members of the church in Guatemala. (A pioneer as she calls herself) She traveled like weeks to get to the Mesa temple to be sealed.

Ocosito - a little community WAAY far away that is in our area - the one that has the swiss family robinson family out there. hehe

On our way back from Ocosito


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