Monday, March 21, 2011

Letter and pictures from March 7th

Hola Mi Familia!!!!

Well it sounds like you all just had a fantastic week! I cant even believe that it snowed there without me! How inconsiderate of the weather. Especially how the weather is here.

Well Im afraid this week something horrible happened. Remember Aurelio? The AWESOME guy that we had an AWESOME lesson with? Well he text us last week and told us that he has been praying and felt like he got his answer. He was in the Catholic church and he felt the spirit soooo strong and he said that that is where he belongs. So at first I was just super sad and was like...whelp, oh well. There goes Aurelio but then Hermana Nelson and I decided. NO! We{re not ready to give up on him yet. So we made another apt with him and talked to him about what he was feeling. We found out that he hadnt read the book of mormon at all and he had only been to church once. So we told him that he cant expect heavenly father to give him an answer if he hasnt put forth his effort and trying all that he can do to know for himself. We told him that reading the book of mormon is KEY is knowing if this is the true church. That if he knows that the book of mormon is true, he also will know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that this is Christs church. So he committed to read the book of mormon and to go to church. But then he crashed real bad on his motorcycle and couldnt go to church. BAH! But we have another apt with him wednesday so we{ll see if he{s actually making progress or not! I am PRAYING that he is reading and praying.

Changes are next week already! How weird. This change went by so fast. I have a feeling that Hna Nelson and I are staying together again in this area cause President Maravilla gave her a job to do in the office to help the latinos learn English. He said that she can be working on that in the office while I{m doing Nursing stuff. So Im guessing that means we{ll be together? Who knows though. Things are ALWAYS changing here.

Well this week I have had MANY experiences with drunk men. They are passed out ALL over the streets. One night we were teaching a lesson outside of someones house in the street at night (which we do often, its usually never in someones house) and we were just about to sing and starting singing like the first line of the hymn when a VERY drunk man popped his head in between me and Hna Nelsons and starting singing VERY loudly in our ears. DO RE MI FA!!!! And then he would start dying laughing and do it over and over again. We were all just cracking up and saying, ok bye! We{ll see ya! Bye! Have a good night! BYE! And he would not leave for like 10 minutes. I think I am getting immuned to all the drunk men though cause the next day I was buying something at a little store and a man comes up and starts talking to me and hanging on my shoulders and stuff and I didnt even flinch or notice until hna Nelson started trying to pull him off of me. hahaha

In answer to your questions, no I most certainly do not bath in the pila. Most people here do but we have a little shower in my appartment. Thank heaven! Some other funny things in my life....I drink powdered milk that is very very yucky. And everybody on the streets calls us Elderes! They all yell out ELDERES!! when we pass by. haha Also, for some odd reason, everyone in the town knows my name now. It is spreading like wildflower which is very funny because usually people can not say my name worth a darn. But people will pass by on their motorcycles or whatever and just say ALSTON!!!!!! haha Very bizarr.

Today we went to a museum with the zone and saw a bunch of Mayan pottery and stuff. It was a pretty great time. Hopefully Ill send you pics.

Well I gotta go but thank you all sooooo much for your letters and support as always. You are all WONDERFUL! I LOVE YOU!

Love, Hermana Kami Alyse Alston

p.s. Mom, the pepper spray gives me soooo much more confidence around dogs. I keep it on my backpack and whip it out any time I see a dog. THANKS! You{re the BEST!

Alejandro and Beatrice - remember the family that we were teaching that I love. The ones that want to play futbol with us. We stopped teaching them but we still stop by to say hi occasionally cause we're best friends. Ha

That little boy just slapped my butt. That is why I am making that face. They're CRAZY and broke Cascarones on our heads, that's why we're all sparkly.

Less active fam we visit and they have a little tin house next to this river. I love it! The other day, they caught a crab in it and were soooo excited. And this little like 8 yr old girl brought it home and started boiling it live. To eat! Yummmm!

I cut her hair!

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