Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21st

Well hello my dearest family, How strange this is because I am writing to you from the CCM in Guatemala City. haha! So there in an Hermana that has a lump in her chest so I Dr. MacArthur wanted to see her. So they wanted me to go with her and here I am. I am having the time of my life. Its like a mini vacation. We took a super cool Ghetto bus here, got checked by the Dr. and then he took us out to lunch (taco bell) and we are hanging out in Guatemala City for the rest of the day. Dr. MacArthur is sooo hilarious. We are best friends. But anyways, as soon as Im done writing, we are gonna go explore the city a little bit. Then I think we are gonna do a temple session tomorrow morning before we head back. WOOOOHOOOO! I feel like a little kid. The weather here is so perfect and now Im afraid I dont want to go back to Reu. It is officially the "hot months" and I. AM. DYING!!! I sleep without anything on me, next to the window, with the fan blowing right on me, hair wet, and I STILL wake up all night sweating! BAH! Anyways, enough of complaining. Would you like to hear about transfers? Ok, Ill tell you! So we have to go talk to all the new missionaries that come in about medical stuff and then we hand out medication to the zone leaders and stuff every transfer meeting. So we were there and we decided to stay for the meeting to see where everyone was being transfered to just for fun. We didnt have to be there cause they had told us that we didnt have changes. So we were sitting there just watching where everyone was going and all of the sudden, Hna Nelson and I pop up on the screen and we get a new companion. We are in a trio now but in our same area. We have a new companion and she is latina. I am just very very very very happy that Hna Nelson is still with me. Some other big news is that the President told me that I am going to start traveling soon and visiting all the houses in the mission. Im just going to make sure that they are clean and have necessary supplies and what not. So I get to go and see EVERY area in the mission! Even the areas that Hermanas cant go to. That will be fun huh? It will be a bit of a bummer cause all my time and efforts wont be in missionary work but I guess that is missionary work too. Just a different kind. I really dont have hardly anything to report investigator wise. We are having like 0 success here. Its really quite depressing. We get investigators and they almost get baptised but them something always gets in the way. On girl was under 18 so she needed her dads permission and he wouldnt give it to her. Then Aurelio were are still on the edge with. Hes in law school so he has like 0 time. I dont know whats going to happen with him. We have this new investigator. Her name is Evelyn. Shes 22 and she says she really wants to find which church is true cause she knows there is probably only 1 right church but she is so confused and doesnt know how to get an answer to her prayers. So we had her practice praying with us and her prayers are soooo perfect and she just begs Heavenly father to give her an answer if this is the true church. But then she wont go to church or read the Book of Mormon. So we told her that Heavenly Father is not going to answer her prayers unless she is doing her part and working to find the answer. But we have another apt with her soon so we will see what happens. Here is my funny story of the week. So the streets here are soooo uneven and really bumpy and just plain ridiculous so I am ALWAYS twisting me ankle and tripping and what not. Anyways so I was walking down the side walk and I was walking RIGHT in front of like 6 boys and they were ALL whistling and calling us princesses and yelling and blah blah blah when all of the sudden, I tripped and fell off the sidewalk (which is VERY VERY RIDICULOUSLY high here). Like bad. Allllllll the way down to the ground. It was very graceful . I truly am like a princess. haha! As if my legs werent already scratched up and ugly enough. Well thats all I got for you this week. I am out of time but I love you so so so much! Thanks for all your support as usual. Remember, dont have any fun without me!!!!! Love, Princess Alston

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