Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4, letters and pics

Hey family!

Well it is a miracle that I am finally talking to you write now. The electricity keeps on going out in this internet place and earlier my keyboard didnt work but I think its for real this time.

First off, thank you all sooo soo much for your letters. They make me incredibly happy! Hermana Nelson also gets a lot of letters and one day, the office Elders gave us our letters and it was this HUGE pile and they said that they think they{re going to make a zone just special for us "Zona Enfermeras" "The Nurse Zone". hehe So thank you so much. Also, I have tried to send a bunch of letter and I just have this feeling that they are not getting to you guys. I keep on asking people if they got my letters and they havent. How weird. So just know that I am thinking of you guys and sending you letters, Guatemala is just very shady and they dont end up getting there. Sorry about that.

This week was fantastic for 2 reasons. First, I GOT TO WATCH CONFERENCE! IN ENGLISH! I was so happy. Dont worry, the satalite went out about 30,000 times and we didnt really get to watch a few sessions but it was better than nothing. All of the North Americans were in our own room and we all had tons of snacks. It was pretty nice. All the Elders were baggy though. Because I guess in the Priesthood session they told all the boys that they need to be actively searching for a wife. So when we asked them how it was, they said "Well we all said bye to our girlfriends. After that talk, all the boys back home are going to snatch them up!!" They were so depressed and I thought it was hilarious!

Second reason I am super happy is because SOMEONE IS GETTING BAPTISED! Woohoo! This saturday. I am so excited. They went to conference and everything. Her name is Veronica. Her husband is an inactive member but wants her to get baptised soooo bad. He is practically desperate. He keeps on talking and talking to her about the church and saying, don{t you want to be together for me forever? With our little girl? If you want that you have to get baptised and we have to get sealed in the temple! It is precious. Shes had a little bit of a hard time feeling like she has gotten an answer to her prayers if this is the true church be she says she feels peaceful when she prays about it and agreed to be baptised this Saturday. She was Evangelical before and had a REALLY hard time believing in Joseph Smith or the Book of Mormon but she has been praying really hard and has resolved a lot of her own doubts. I am so happy!

I also saw someone from Pamelita yesterday and I asked about our convert Jessica and if she{s still going to church and he said that she goes EVERY single week by herself and her little baby. I am so proud of her! Shes only 15! So that made me extremely happy!

Funny story of the week. We were at a members house and we talk him a little short lesson. And afterwards we asked him if there was anything that we could do for him (we ask this EVERY time that we leave someones house) and he said. Yeah, you guys can learn Spanish better because I dont think you understand anything I say. Ouch. Thank you. I didnt really want to learn it better before but now that you said that...haha! It was really random that he said that cause we understood every word we said. Hna Noj said that she thought we underthood everything that we said and stuff. She said she thinks its because a lot of people here just assume because you{re white, you dont understand them and cant speak spanish. Good thing I have a high self confidence level cause these people are BRUTALLY honest.

Well Im out of time but I love you all tons! I hope you have a fantastic week!

Love, Hermana Kami Alyse Alston

AWESOME crib that a TON of people use down here. I want to buy one for Lindsey and Christi for their babes but somehow I doubt they would use it....


a recent converts - less active members house - We come here almost every day. These are the kids of an 18 year old!! She had her first kid when she was 13. Sad.

Our little friends bday party we went to.

New comp Hna Noj. We were having a picnic cause we were in no mans land where there was no where to eat lunch.

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