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April 11th & pics and April 18th letter

April 18th


Well first and foremost, I would like to give a little shout out to the office Elders. I hope that my blog is everything that you hoped and dreamed. ha

Now....where to start...? Nothing super thrilling happened this week. Veronica (the lady that had a baptismal date) told us that she is not ready to get baptised yet and doesnt want to meet with us anymore. Cool. We did have a baptism this week though. It was a 9 year old little boy named Marcos. His whole family are members but not completely active. What happens is, if a kid is 8 years old, and their family is active, they can just get baptised. But if theyre older than 8, we have to teach them first. The family could not remember how old he was so it took quite a while to figure things out but they finally came to the conclusion that he was 9 years old. Not even the mom knew his birthday! haha Thank you for remembering when you gave birth to me mom! So he is the most darling little thing ever and I love him! He was sooo happy after he was baptised and it was precious. So our fake (fill in, until we get another one) bishop set goals with us and the dad of the family to reactivate some of the family and set goals for Marcos to get the Priesthood and stuff. Im excited! Marcos is one of the little boys in the street that follows us around and asks us how to say stuff in English. There are like 5 little boys that every time they see us, they run up to us and give us hugs and ask us how to say stuff in English. So precious. There are also a pack of not so little boys that always talk to us on the street. They always tell us to come and talk to them. So one day I was unusually annoyed by it and I invited them all to church. haha They said they would go if we would give them the discussions first. ha! No thank you.

Weve been working a lot lately with Inactive members. None of our other investigators look real promising but we will find them soon. I just keep telling myself that. For some of these people, (the inactives) its like theyre our investigators cause they do not know ANYTHING about the church. I actually really like teaching them. And theyre usually pretty willing to come to church. A lot of them left the church because they got offended by someone in the church. That is really frusterating to me because the people in the church have nothing to do with the truthfulness of it all but what can ya do?

This week, I have gotten so many clothes given to me. For some reason people love giving me clothes but the problem that I would never be caught dead wearing them. And one lady gave me one of her shirts and I tried to refuse it nicely but she insisted. So I took it and said thank you. And she said "if you are really grateful, ill see you wearing it". Oh dear. That same lady that gave me one of her shirts asked me if she came to visit me, if I would accept her. So I said yes of course! And she was so excited and said ok great! We{ll only be living with you for a few months! Just while my husband starts work there!! Uhh....whoops. Sorry dad, we{re going to be having some illegals living with us. Are you cool with that? haha

Well in answer to your clothes are awful! They are all getting holes in them and are super hot, I hate them! haha But the good news is...I went shopping last week in some "pacas". They are just stores with used American clothes in them. Thats where everyone gets their clothes. It was so funny cause I was in heaven and I got a new shirt and skirt and was sooo happy. And then I realized....half of these clothes are probably mine that I gave away at home. What is this world coming to? haha
Yes, they have the most delicious fruits here! Lots that I have never tried before. My favorite right now if Mango. They are in season and people have Mango trees everywhere and give us giants bags of Mangos all the time. So Ive been eating so many! I think they are way better here but I think that about most things. hehe

Well sorry if this letter is so short but I cant think of anything else I have to say that is exciting! Except that in 2 days I will have 6 months in the mission! Weird! Thank you for all the letters and emails! I love you all sooooooooooo much!

Love, Hermana Kami Alyse Alston

April 11th letter and pictures

Hello my dearest family!

So Im pretty sure that this week was rather uneventful but Ill do my best to say something interesting.

Well unfortunately our baptism fell through. She got terrified and doesnt know if she wants to even learn more. And we keep on seeing her husband in the street and he just goes on and on about how much he is annoyed with her and might possibly want a divorce. Perfect. We have not given up on her yet though! Dont you worry! Also, we have been teaching this other girl named Evelyn. She is my bff. I love her. But the thing is, is that we have been teaching her but she hasnt really been progressing. She keeps on saying that she is going to go to church but then she never does. Well guess what? SHE CAME TO CHURCH THIS SUNDAY!!!! I was soooo excited! Im hoping that that means that she is a little more dedicated to finding out if this church is true. Ill keep you updated on her. Also, remember Jessica? The one that got baptised in Pamelita? Well she called us the other day! We were soooo excited cause I didnt have her address or number or anything but now I do. And her Grandma that she is living with just got baptised toooooo!! She is still going to church and is loving it. You have noooo idea how happy this makes me. haha

In answer to some of your questions, yes, the people here are extremely religious. EVERYONE believes in Christ has pictures of him up everywhere. They have church services every night of the week almost and are very faithful in going. They visit people in their churches every day, they wear skirts every day, they dont wear earrings or jewelry because they think that it says that you shouldnt in the bible, they dont dance or listen to worldly music. These people are intense. Now not all of them are like that but a HUGE majority. What I meant last week by "baggy elders" is like trunky elders, you know, they want to pack their bags and go home? Get it? Yes, this is the hottest that it has every been since Ive been here. I guess the month of April is the worst all year round. Its supposed to start cooling off in May because of the rain. Although, it has been raining almost every day here. But that just makes it hotter, cause its humid.

Something funny that happened this week. We went out to the middle of nowhere, Guatemala to go visit a less active member. But when we got there, she said she was about to go to a wedding and wanted to know if we would go with here. So we went and helped her with her kiddos and it was so funny! We were totally WEDDING CRASHERS! Im afraid we stuck out like a sore thumb considering the fact that we were the only white girls and all. Everyone was staring at us and I felt real bad. We ate the food and they gave us a guest gift and everything. baha! It was a good time there. Dont worry, the bride was 16 yrs old and there were giant muddy pigs running under everybodies table. They were having a really good time at the party!

Also, something creepy happened. Let me know if you are getting sick of my drunk man stories but this drunk man followed us home to our apartment. And he kept on trying to grab me. SO CREEPY! Then when we got upstairs on our balcony, he kept on blowing kissing OVER AND OVER AND OVER again to me. bahaha! Dont worry, he was to waisted to remember where we lived or anything.

The family reunion sounds like it was ridiculously fun! When I saw the pictures of it, I got a little homesick for the first time! But no worries, Im already over it cause the day that you guys were having the family reunion, I was crashing a wedding! baha! I better get one of those awesome tshirts! Well I gotta go but I love you all more than life! Thank you soo soo much for your letters. If you havent been recieving letters from me. Its not my fault. I have tried. LA AMO!!!!!!!

Love, Hermana Kami Alyse Alston (AKA, your favorite, daughter, sister, and friend)

My neighborhood friends.

President and Sister Maravilla. bahaha! It looks like their cutting their wedding cake huh?

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