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March 28, letter & pics

Buenas Familia!

Well I cant think of a whole lot that I have to report this week. It turns out that I was able to go to the temple on Monday and it was sooo wonderful. And here is the best part. We were in a session with Elder Martino and Elder Clark of the 70. I was excited! haha If you ask me, I think it is crazy that they let us just take off to Guatemala City alone. We had to find our way back and we ended up taking a taxi, metro and bus to get back to Reu. The buses are CRAZY! They are all decorate and painted crazy and there is stuff piled on the top of them like 10 ft high. All the members here are very upset that they let us go on a bus by ourselves. They say it is soooo dangerous. And that THEY wouldnt even go on a bus and they are from here. How comforting.

It turns out that our new companion Hermana Noj is actually hilarious and I love her. I think shes going a little crazy cause shes going home in 4 weeks but she just is full of jokes and shares them with us all day long. It is super good to have her as our companion cause we have to speak spanish all the time. At first I missed english so much but now I am getting used to it and learning A LOT more spanish.

We also had a conference this week with the President and 3 other zones. And guess who is in my neighboring zone? MY BFF!!! Member her? Hermana Roney? haha We chatted about the missionary moms website and all and it was hilarious. I guess she was saying that her mom might get kicked off the site cause she upset some of the moms? Is that a rumor? Hna Roney thought it was hilarious. What DRAMA! haha

So we found out something very interesting this week. We have not seen our Bishop since weve been here. We saw him the second night we were here and then he mysteriously disappeared and nobody knew where he went. We just found out this week that he got threatened by a gang and had to leave the country. Sooo yeah, he is tucked away safe in Nicaragua and we are here in the ward still. Dont worry. haha Im not sure how much of that is true because people LOVE to gossip and overexaggerate here but it makes sense because he did not tell ANYONE and just took off. Who knows!

About our investigators...we had to drop Aurelio. Waa! I was sad but he sent us ANOTHER message saying that he loves the Catholic church and thats where he belongs. I just hope that we planted a seed for the future! We are teaching this other girl now though that Im hopeful for. Her name is Veronica. She is "married" aka living with this guy who is a member and return missionary and everything (but inactive now). They have a little kid and are a PRECIOUS family. He wants her to get baptised and sealed in the temple SOOO bad. He is desperate! He is doing everything in his power to convert here. Its precious but really sad at the same time. I just dont understand how you can be a return missionary and fall away from the church! He still has such a strong testimony, he just fell away. She is a little less excited about the whole thing and kind of has the attitude of trying to prove us wrong them wanting to know for herself if its true. She said she would read and pray to know for herself and her husband has been helping her. She says she really does have a desire to know. Hopefully that works out.

On the Nursing topic. I got about 1000000000000000 calls this week. Everyone is dying I swear! There was one day that I was literally on the phone all day. The president even called me because one Elder was so sick. Its hard though because I am not allowed to send someone to the doctor without the permission of Dr. MacArthur so pretty much I cant do anything. So Ill call the Dr. and he ALWAYS says that theyre fine. No matter what. So them the President will call me and say....I think that so and so needs to be hospitalized. Can he go? Uhh....Welll....uhh....I dont know. The Dr. says that hes fine. See the problem. Every time I am around a large group of Elders, I feel like everybody is shooting fire at me with there eyes. One funny call I got this week was an Hermana that said her lips were a little darker than usual. Hmm... I asked for how long and she told me for ten minutes. I think she wants to go home and purple lips were her desperate attempt.

In answer to some of your questions, yes parasites are a VERY VERY VERY common thing. I would say about 75% of the calls I get, they have parasites. All different kinds. One elder has a tape worm and cant take medication for 3 months because you are only allowed to take the medication every 3 months. This is the 3 worm/ parasite he has had and he just got here right before me. Bummer. I think I might have one too but who knows.

The only really funny thing I can think of that happened this week is that Hna Noj whipped out a picture of a North American boy in a "model like" pose and I couldnt tell who it was for a while and then I realized....IT WAS THE ASISTANT TO THE PRESIDENT! bahaha! I guess every single Hermana in the mission has pictures of him that a member printed off of his facebook and gave it to all the Hermanas. The mission is ridiculous. Its like a HUGE efy. All the Hermanas have crushes on all the Elders and they email each other on Mondays (which is completely against the rules). So now, I have a picture of the asistant to the President in my house. Awesome. Its amazing the stuff I know now that I have a latina companion.

Well sorry if I bored you to death. Ill try to have more interesting things to tell you next week. I love you soo soo soo soo much! Seriously. A lot. Have a wonderful week and Ill talk to you next monday!

Love, Hermana Kami Alyse Alston

p.s. General Conference is this weekend and Im so excited I could just DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never been this excited for conference before in my life. Its pathetic. But our whole zone is pitching in a buying a pig to eat in between sessions Saturday. Like an entire pig. The President found out about it and was so excited and says hes coming. haha! Have I mentioned I love that man?

Volcano outside the bus window on the way to the capital! The ride was so stinkin pretty!
Best Friends Forever!!!! Hermana Roney
Alston shirt! WOOHOO!

Awesome swiss family robinson house. I finally got a pic of it but it totally doesnt do it justice!

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