Monday, June 27, 2011

June 27th

Hey fam!

Well I have so incredibly much to say this week and not enough time to say it! Sorry about that. But I am gonna send you lots of good videos and pictures so hopefully that will make up for it.

I cant believe all the news that going on over there in the states! There are so many fires! That is just crazy to be because it never stops raining here. Its hard to imagine it differently. It has been beautiful weather lately. And well I say beautiful, I mean it is still the hottest place on earth but at least Im not dead from heat stroke. Have the fires calmed down at all? Hows the cabin?

I will start off by telling you the most exciting news. Kimberly and Jose got baptised! It was soo wonderful and they were all smiles. The whole baptism was a little stressful. We started an hour and 15 minutes late. That is pretty normal for Guatemala. But there were 2 other sets of Elders that also had baptisms so all together there were 7 people that got baptised. Also, Samuel got the Priesthood this week and passed us the sacrament in church. I was so happy! It was so precious. He was soooooo excited!

Something else that happened that was pretty exciting was a few weeks ago, an inactive couple came back to church after soooo many years of being inactive. They got offended by someone in the church and both just decided to stop going. So we went and visited them about a month ago and invited them to come back to church and just like that they came back and haven{t missed a sunday since. When we went to visit them this week, they said that members from the ward had tried visiting them for a very long time and they never wanted to go to church. But they said that when we came, we brought the spirit with us and they just felt it so strong and that they wanted to go back to church so they could feel the spirit like that every week. Cute! We love them.

Yesterday we found out that Esduardo (the son of Migdalia - the one that lives on the river and their roof flew off) has Leukemia! So sad! We went to the hospital to visit him yesterday. I dont think they fully understand how serious that is. That poor family has a hard life. But they seem to still be very cheerful. That was the first time that I had been to a hospital here. It was INSANE! It was soooo dirty and there were a gagillion little babiest shoved in this big room. And it was sooooooooo hot and just awful!

Lets see....what happened that was entertaining this week.....We have a new best friend! His name is Oscar and he is a tuc tuc driver. And he gives us free rides all the time. It is WONDERFUL! He will just pull up next to us walking on the side of the road and say "Going to the house? Jump in!" Its actually kinda creepy because I have noticed that most of the tuc tuc drivers know where we live. We pretty much dont have to tell them directions anymore, they just all go take us to our house automatically.

Oh also, my companion set off the fire alarm in our house 3 times while making food. She would. I swear when we get separated, she is going to kill herself some way or another. Speaking of food...guess what I ate this week? Cow liver. Our cook is very very sneaky! She cooked us this delicious meal. And I noticed that the meat tasted a little funny. It was like chalky. Like flaking off in my mouth kinda thing and it tasted a little like dog food. Finally I asked Hna Parada what kind of meat it was and sure enough. LIVER! Gross. Dirty dirty trick....

Well Ive gotta go but I heart you all soooo incredibly much! I hope you have a fantastic week. And thank you as always for your emails and letters! I am in HEAVEN when I get them! ADIOS!!!!!

- Hermana Kami Alyse Alston

Yes, this is very realistic. These are just dogs lining the streets. THERE ARE SOOOO MANY!!!!

Strange but yummy fruit. Its the new mango around here. Very popular.

Our cook Hna Cony hehe She is like our mommy here. I love her.


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