Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 4th

Hello all! Well once again. I have TONS to write and hardly any time to write it but Ill do the best I can...

So let me introduce you to Antony and Danisa. We have been teaching this girl name Danisa for like 2 months. She has been going to church for forever!!! And we finally have a baptism date with her. She had a really cool experience. She didnt feel like she was ready to get baptised because she said that she didnt feel worthy too. She had repented of all her sins and everything but she said that she didnt know if she was forgiven. So we asked her if we could go into the other room and we could all kneel down and pray and she could say the prayer and ask Heavenly Father if the 16th of July was the right date for her to get baptised and if she was forgiven of her sins. So we did. And she said the prayer. And while she was prayer, she just stopped for a minute. And after we prayed, she said, when I paused and stop talking for a second. I felt a kind of feeling soooo strong. I felt like Heavenly Father was kneeling right next to me and telling me that I was forgiven and I was ready to be baptised. She is now SO excited and wants to change her baptismal date to this weekend. We'll see if that happes. Her neighbor Antony kindof just showed up to church one day and after church he told us he wanted to be baptised. He told us he felt like it is where he belongs. So he is getting baptised the same day. He smoked and drinked but he stopped all of that cold turkey and says he was kind of just looking for a reason to stop. Did I mention he is only 14? Yeah, and he lives with a bunch of other kids his age. His parents abandoned him and left for the states and have been there for years. Sad story. But he is precious and very excited as well.

Now nursing stuff. So I was at our cooks house for lunch and I went outside to put my plate in the pila and I saw or cook Hna Cony completely frantic. She was waving her arms everywhere and she couldnt breath. Her family was around like yelling at me to help her. She was choking!!!! So anyways I had to do the Heimlich Manuever! I did it twice and her food finally came out and she was gasping for air. SCARY! But Im sure glad I knew how to do it! Of course that would happen to me here. ONLY in Guatemala.

Funny story of the week. It has been raining SUPER hard here lately. And when it rains that hard. The street are literally rivers. Like up to your mid-calf. Its crazy. So we were late for an appointment and we had to cross the street and Hna Nelson and I made it across just fine but Hna Parada took a while. Which is normal cause shes super slow at everything. So it wasnt anything new for us. But anyways, when we got to our appointment. They werent home but another family member was so we started talking to him. And we were talking to him for a good 10 minutes before he just looks down at Hna Parada's feet and says "Hermana! Where are your shoes?" She was completely barefoot!!!! And she said completely seriously and calmy.."The current took them away". bahaha! I just started dying laughing but shortly stopped because she didnt find it very funny. We had walked ALL the way to our investigators house and she didnt say a WORD about it. Strange....but VERY funny. Another funny thing about Hna Parada. So here everybody uses like a hard bar of soap to wash your dishes. And I was getting sick of it cause the bar gets all nasty with food and starts to smell. So I saw liquid soap like normal people use in the states at the store and I was sooo excited cause I completely forget that I used to use liquid soap. Anyways, I had to give Hna Parada a lesson on how to use it cause she was completely lost and confused. And now she is OBSESSED with it. She thinks it is just the greatest invention. She tells EVERY person we teach about this soap. And everytime she washes dishes I hear her yell out "ooooo buenisimo!!!!!!". haha I love her.

Well I had lots of other stories but I must be going. I was going to send you a bunch of good pictures but I forgot my other memory card. So Ill just send you pictures of today. We went to this place called TAK' ALIK AB' AJ. Its this place that has ancient ruins and temples and such from the myans and was super cool. I could not captur how cool anything was on camera so the pictures looks kind of lame. Sorry. Oh and HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!! We got decked out in red white and blue and carried around a flag and put red ribbon in our hair and painted a flag on our toenails. The whole 9 yards. So that is what the other pictures are of. I love you all sooooo much! You are THE BEST! I hope you have the best week ever!!!!

Love, Hermana Kami Alyse Alston

SOO PRETTY. This is just completely normal. This place was in the middle of a beautiful jungle! I couldnt help but think of the Nephites living there. It makes the Book of Mormon a whole lot more exciting to read. hehe

The whole zone. That is part of a temple. Cool huh?

Wierd pose. Yes, Im a poser apparently.

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