Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sept 12th

Wow this week was super super fast and crazy. We worked soooo hard this week. We would leave at 10 in the morning and not even come home for lunch or anything. We are on a roll and are both just super pumped to work really hard.

So I am going to start off by telling you a really cool experience that I had. So the rule in the mission is that we have to wake up super early and leave the house at 7 to go gather investigators up for church. But the thing was is that we didnt have ANYONE to bring to church cause it was our first week. So we were very tempted to just leave the house right before church cause we didnt want to just go walk around and do nothing. But I said, "naw, we should follow the rules and leave at 7 cause if we do that, we{ll be blessed and we{re gonna find someone who will get baptised." So we left the house at 7 AND I WAS RIGHT! haha On Sunday, we contacted this girl named Natalia. So we went to our apt with her and she is living with her Aunt. Her name is Ody and she is 19 years old. So we invited her to listen to. When we challenged them to be baptised, they said they didnt know because they were Catholic. But when we were leaving, Ody followed us out and asked if she could talk to us. She said, "I didnt want to say anything in there because my family is Catholic and they dont want me to change religions. But I dont believe in the Catholic church. I have been looking for another church and haven{t been able to find one that I believe in. But when you guys teach us, I feel something that I have never felt before that I cant explain. I felt like I was going to cry the whole time during your lesson but I held it in. I know that this is the church that I have been looking for and I want to get baptised." AHH!! We were soo happy. She is getting baptised the 24th of this month. It is so refreshing to hear when other people can feel the spirit too. Because sometimes we will feel it so strong but they dont feel a thing. She was definitely prepared by Heavenly Father and put into our path. I love my job.

So it has been pretty dang crazy lately. Yesterday was election day for President. So we went to church and everything like normal but the President said, if you feel like its dangerous outside just go back to your house. So we started working but every single business was shut down, NOBODY was in the streets or in their houses because everyone was gathered to vote. There were only some creepers in the street and everyone kept on telling us that we were crazy for being out and that we needed to go home. And one lady said, "Hey! you cant be out here. There are crazy men fighting with machetes, you need to go home and stay there." ha! So that was the end of it. We went home and stayed there for the rest of the day. I dont know what was going on outside but I heard an ambulance going off like every 5 minutes. People are crazy.

One other crazy thing that happened to us this week. We were walking to an apt at night downtown and this homeless, very scary looking WOMAN, yes woman comes up to me and starts touching me, like caressing me and asking me for money. So I give her a coin just to get her off my back and then she tries to rob me and take me very special earrings that Theresa sent me right out of the ears. Then my watch. I was a little angry at this point and grabbed her hand and said "DO NOT. Touch me." So she just laughed and said "Oh you dont want me to touch you? So I cant touch you here? (and touched my arm) or here? (and touched my stomach) or here? and grabbed my butt!!!!!! For the nerve!! I may have yelled at her a little bit and told her to go away. Luckily she obeyed and left us alone. Psycho!

Then we walked down the street a little furthur and a lady had just gotten shot! There were a billion people gathered around and a bunch of ambulance and such. Dont worry, we went to a members house and called one of the ward members to pick us up. Its also a huge bummer cause we cant work on Wednesday or Thursday because its independance day and we{re not aloud to leave. So we are stuck in the church with the zone. Just like semana santa. BORING! Oh well. Oh but please dont do crazy stuff like call the mission cause you{re worried about my safety or anything ok? I feel perfectly safe. We go home early at night and are tucked away in our house all night. The President would not have put us in our area if it was too dangerous. I thought about not telling you any of this stuff but then I would not have anything to write about! haha! Dont worry about me. I am perfectly safe and protected by angels! :)

Love you all tons and tons and tons and I pray for you every single night. Hope you have a GREAT week and Ill talk to you next monday!!

Love, Hermana Alston

The street that we live on in Mazatenango

The outside of our house

Our kitchen



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