Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sept 19th

Hey fam! So we have good news and bad news....Bad news is...I have a parasite. Giardia to be exact. BUT the good news is... I lost 7 pounds so Im pretty happy about it. haha

It all started last Monday when I had the worst stomach pains Ive ever experienced in my life. Like there were mini people inside of my intestines with knives cutting my insides to shreds. Then I developed explosive diarrhea. I learned this week that that is actually a medical term. Look up Giardia on google. Explosive diarrhea is one of the symtpoms (mom you dont have to put that detail on my blog if you think its to crude but I dont care). Then I started feeling feverish and was always cold. Which we all know if bizarr here. But we had a hard time leaving the house or anything because I pretty much lived in the bathroom. We would try to leave but we would have to come back like every 5 minutes. So I went to the lab and threw any pride I had out the door and got a stool sample. There were sooooo many people there and the bathroom is there right in front of everyone and you have to carry your (clear) poo cup allllll the way to the front to give to the person. Oh dear. Quite the experience.

So I discovered that if I just didnt eat or drink anything, I wouldnt have to go to the bathroom and I could go and work. So I just stopped eatting and drinking. But one night, we had an apt and I was soooooo thirsty so I took one little sip of water thinking....surely Ill be fine with just one gulp of water right.....NO! WROOOOONG! 2 seconds later we ended the lesson super fast and literally were RUNNING home at the speed of lightning. The only problem was....there was no the whole town. It was pitch black. And....I may have fallen in the sewer. Just one of my legs. But it ate all of my leg. It was horrible. Luckily it was so dark that no one could see me. Why does this stuff always happen to me? haha I love it. that Ive talked about my parasite for half of my email....I will tell you a little about my investigators. haha We have had a few setbacks with our investigators because we cant seem to get them to church so they couldnt get baptised. But this Sunday they FINALLY came! I was sooooo happy! Maria Gloria came and she said that she felt that she felt very content in church. ALSO! We found another family and they are pilas! I love them. They are super sweet. Its a mom and dad and 3 kids. They want to get baptised October 8th. They were just someone random on the street that we contacted but they just happened to be looking for a church to join.

To answer a few of your questions... I am still doing the Nursing stuff that I used to do. I answer phone calls all day and I still fill the first aid kits and travel to different zones to talk about health and what not. The only difference now, with the new doctor is I talk to Hna Maravilla every night on the phone. I just call her and give her a little update on who is sick and she puts in her advice and such. I actually like talking to her every night. The other night, I was on the phone with her and I heard the President in the background barking and meowing into the phone. haha! I love them. They{re great!

Well fam....I am drawing a blank. I have no idea what else happened to me this week. But I love you all tons and tons! Thanks for the prayers, letters and love! Youre the BEST!

Love, Hermana Alston

Us and Ody (the one with the orange shirt) She was the one that I told the cool story about last week. And the other girl is satan I think. She keeps inviting Ody to go to parties so she cant go to church. haha

Maria Glorias grandaughter. She ran into the house and changed and came out in "typical" clothes and said "Misses Alston.....will you take a picture of me?" In the sweetest little voice in the world. How could I resist?

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