Monday, February 14, 2011

February 14th pictures and letter

Hellooo my dear family and friends! Happy Valentines Day! I love you all soooo much. It is actually going to be a fun Valentines day cause all the Hnas from the surrounding zones are getting together and I believe we are watching Princess and The Frog and eating food. Oh and its also Hna Nelsons bday so we are just going to be partying all day long! Woohoo! So I didnt have any time to think about what I was going to say beforehand so sorry if this email is all over the place and doesnt make much sense.

This week was a pretty fantastic week. We had a 2 day seminar with President Maravilla and I learned a TON of stuff about how to be a better missionary and a better teacher. Hna Nelson and I have tried to implement what we learned and we have had so much more success. We've gotten like 9 new investigators. I dont know if any of them are actually going to end up getting baptised but we'll see. We found a family that we are absolutely in love with. The couple's name is Alejandro and Beatrice. They said that soo many missionaries have tried to get in with them before but we're the first ones they let in. They love us for some reason and always yell out our name on the street and love it when we come over. The only problem is, they are Evangelicals (I have no idea if that is even a word in English). But they ONLY believe in the Bible and do not want to read anything else and they don't believe that there are prophets today. But last night we commited them to read the Book of Mormon every day for a week and they said they would do it. He said that they would read it if we would play football(soccer) with them. Me and Hna Nelson on one team and them on another. I told them if they read the entire Book of Mormon front to back, then we had a deal. We'll see what happens there! I heart them.

I experienced my first storm here. And let me tell you something. They are NOT being dramatic when they say that there are rivers in the streets. OH MY GOSH!! It was like nothing I've ever experienced before. Seriously, I've never seen anything like it. We were walking through rivers to get to our appointments. I had my boots on and everything and the water came up to my mid thigh. Not kidding. It was insane. But it was hilarious because we walked through the rain to get to our apt with Alejandro and Beatrice and they felt soooo bad that we walked in the rain. They just felt horrible but so special at the same time so it worked out nicely. Something about Guatemalans (pretty sure that's not a word) is that if there is one drop of rain, they are inside all day. Even one sprinkle. Which is kind of nice for us cause they don't run to their neighbors house when they see us coming. baha! But this morning it was like 1 degree cooler because of the rain last night and everyone has like snow jackets on. And it{s still soooooooooooo hot! bahaha! It{s so entertaining!

In answer to some of your questions. No, I have not met 1 person who is doesn't believe in God of Jesus. Everyone has pictures of Jesus on EVERYTHING!!! Eveyone is either Catholic or Evanjelical. OR this is a real common one too. Religion is in your heart. You dont need a church to be loved by God. All that matters is whats in your heart. A lot of people that we teach are thrilled to get the book of mormon and read it a TON and believe in it with all their heart but what they dont get is that if they believe in the book of mormon, then they also believe in Joseph Smith and our church. They will go on and on about their testimony of the Book of Mormon and then we ask them if they will be baptised and they say oh no no no, I{m Catholic I dont believe in your religion. Hmmm.....

We had a few run ins with drunk men this week. They make me so uncomfortable cause they get sooooo close to my face I think our noses could touch. They just go on and on about how we are such good people and how we need to come visit them. We just tell them over and over again that they should stop drinking and then say BYE, HAVE A NICE DAY! Until they leave. baha One other funny experience we had. We were teaching this 19 yr old girl and we were teaching her gospel stuff and she would just interupt us and ask us about the United States. So we were struggling trying to teach her something for like 20 min when out of the blue, she stood up and ran away. At the speed of lightening! So so so fast! And as she was running away, she yelled. IT WAS NICE TALKING ABOUT THE WORD OF GOD WITH YOU!!! BYE!!! Hmm....ok? Bye. Hna Nelson and I were left sitting on the side walk empty handed. haha! Strange.

Well I think thats about it for this week but I love you all more than life! Thank you for your letters and words of encouragement. You all are the best! If there is anything that I{m not telling you that you would like to know, just ask and I{ll try to include it on my next email! The church is true! We are soooooo blessed to have it in our lives. Sometimes I wish I could just make these people accept that this is the true church. Or at least pray about it to know for themselves. Because I know with all my heart that it is the actual church of Jesus Christ. But everyone has their agency to choose. I don{t want to sound like an annoying missionary but for real, you all should find a friend and just tell them what you believe. At least give them the opportunity to find out for themselves. Love you all! Have a wonderful Valentines day!!

Love, Hermana Alston

My first storm. This is for real. That's how wet we were.

Another street we walk on frequently. Just wanted you to get a little vision of what it looks like.

This is one of my favorite streets. It has a river right at the bottom of it. One of the members live at the end and we teach people at her house.

Very typical and that is not even everyone who was in the back. I was trying to be sneaky.

We were studying and had to leave the door open cause it's soooo hot and this is what was happening THE WHOLE TIME!!! These are our neighbors.

Our Pila is outside on our balcony. Have I mentioned we don't have one inside? haha. This is Hermana Nelson doing laundry with our neighbor Guadalupe. (Yes, we have to do our own laundry.

Our clothes dry on the roof

The street we live on.

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