Monday, February 21, 2011

February 21st, 2011

Well hello my dearest family!

First off, I am so jealous about your trip to Disneyland. What? Are you celebrating my departure? Thanks for your sweet email about that Lan! I cannot wait to receive my Alston shirt. We are the coolest family ever. baha!

So I feel really boring cause every single week all I do is talk about myself. blah blah blah. Im getting a little sick of it. Sorry if you are too but youre just gonna have to deal with it ok? ha

This week was pretty fantastic. We have been going around and getting to know all the members which is very entertaining and very helpful cause they have been giving us references. We got a reference from one of them and have been teaching their cousin. His name is Aurelio and he is 22 and SO AWESOME! We have taught him 2 times so far and he has come to church once. The first lesson we had with him was like the lessons that missionaries talk about that are sooooooo amazing and spiritual and you dont really believe them. Well, believe me, it was awesome! We brought a member with us who is about to leave on her mission and his cousin that is also preparing to leave on a mission was there too. They both told the stories of how they gained their testimonies and the spirit was sooo strong! After the lesson, we all kneeled and prayed right then and there. Aurelio said the prayer and it was so perfect and sincere and he asked Heavenly Father to please help him know if Joseph Smith was a true prophet and if this is the true restored church of Jesus Christ. And after he said the prayer he said, can I just share something with you real quick? He said that before he started to say the prayer, his mind was completely blank and he didnt know what to say but once he started saying the prayer, the words were almost taken out of his mouth, like it wasn't him talking and that he felt something that he has never felt before. He always thanks us for coming and teaching him and tells us that he LOVES learning about it. Im so excited to see what happens with him. The only set back he has is that his whole family is strong catholic and he has grown up strong catholic too and he doesn't know how he is going to leave it. So dont worry, Ill keep you updated on him.

So in answer to some of your questions, no I definately do not have hot water or any other ridiculous luxury like that. I hear rumors that some of the missionary houses do though so I have some hope. Yes, our pila is on our balcony and yes, I have to wash all of my laundry by hand. It is HARD STUFF and TAKES FOOOREVER!!!! Let me tell ya. Yes, there are just as many dogs in my new area, actually more! And my worst nightmare is unfortunately a reality here. There are dogs on just about every roof of every house. Its bizarr but they all bark at you as you walk by the houses and I just imagine them leaping from the roof and viciously attacking me. Ugh. Also, I had a very close call this week. We walked up to contact this house and a dog came running at me full speed with fire in its eyes barking. I held my ground but it got soooo close to me. Dont worry the owners called it off but I started crying and was quite shaken up for the rest of the day. Literally, I was shaking for like an hour. I think I should go to counseling. haha!

I also got stung by a bee and I would like to give you all a list of the animals I have been attacked/bitten by/stung by in the last 2 months, just for some sympathy.
Mosquitos, Bees, Wasps, Geese, Duck, Cat, Dog, and chicken. No joke, I have been attacked by all of them. Oh and one of the members here has a monkey and it hates girls. And every time I pass by it, it is trying viciously to get me. Luckily it is tied up.

Well my friends, I must be off but I love you all ohhhhhh so much! Thank you for your letters even though I am horrible and haven't sent any off in forever. Something has happened every pday and I haven't been able to send them, but this pday Im just SURE I will send them. Sorry if I bore you to tears with my emails. LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Hermana, Kami Alyse Alston

One of these boys wants to get baptized. He started going to church with his neighbor so we teach him and half the neighborhood as you can see.
Hermana Nelson's Birthday Party. The electricity was out but we still put a match in Pan Dulce (sweet bread, my favorite snack in the whole world) and celebrated.

A random truck carrying a tiger in a trailer around our area. Its been driving around for a few days. So strange.

Ward talent show - primary kids

A little girl in one of the less active families that we're teaching. We are at their house regularly.

Aurelios cousins

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