Monday, February 28, 2011

February 28th 2011

Hello family!

Well I regret to inform you that this week was the most uneventful week of my entire life!!!! It all started last Sunday when Hna Nelson got sick in the middle of church. We just thought it was a virus but it lasted for FOREVER! So I finally made her go get a stool sample to make sure she doesnt have parasites. Whelp! You better believe she had parasites! Giardia to be exact. We have no idea how she got it. She is soooo careful with what she eats and drinks. So shes on medication and all now but the problem is the medication is VICIOUS and has the worst side effects in the world so she has been on her death bed ALLLLLL week. And I have been stuck to the confines of our apartment going INSANE! If anything, it made me realize how much I LOOOOOVE to work. So unfortunately I dont have anything to report to you on our investigators or anything. We didnt have any appointments. The only up to all this is that it was rainy all week and we got to be inside and just enjoy it while we were DRY! Oh that AND I also made up a love song about Hna Nelson and Gerald the Giardia and sang it to her about 30000 times. That was pretty fun I guess. She really enjoyed that.

But let me just tell you a little bit about the nightmare that Hna Nelson had to do when she went and got a stool sample. First of all, we had to go with our Zone Leaders cause they had to pay for it. So she goes into the bathroom with a cup and comes out holding her cup of diarrhea in front of a PACKED doctors office and our zone leaders. And she had to wait in line with it in front of everyone. Just holding it in her hands and very politely waiting. And to top it all off, the bathroom didnt have toilet paper or soap. Wonderful. Im just glad it wasnt me. Although, I am a little concerned because we eat and drink all the same stuff. But Im doing just fine and dandy!

Speaking of embarrasing medical things...I have gotten 2 anonymous calls this week from Elders. One was constipated and the other one had a hemorrhoid. They were to embarrassed to tell me who they were so they would not tell me their names. And they could hardly tell me what was wrong with them cause they and their companions were laughing so hard and soooo embarrassed. Oh goodness, I am always entertained here.

In answer to your question about the cute family Alejandro and Beatrice, we had to drop them. Waa! I was very sad. But they were not reading the book of mormon, wouldnt come to church and never seemed to have time for us. AKA they arent interested. Bummer. Aurelio is still looking positive and we have an apt with him tomorrow. Ill keep you updated.

I guess the entire mission is having a really hard time getting baptisms. Last month we broke a record of almost 200 baptisms but this month it is sooooo low. I dont know why. Were not having much luck here either.

I cant believe it SNOWED in AZ!!! UGH! I cant even imagine. I want snow!!!! Or just anything besides the hottest weather Ive ever experienced in my life! Lucky!

So something very embarrasing and traumatizing happened to me yesterday. I was in church and this lady that is so sweet and I love her but bless her heart has the worst hygiene I have ever seen. And all of her kids have like bugs crawling on them and the whole family has weird rashes all over them and everything. Well anyways, I dont know if ive told you or not but everyone kisses everyone on the cheek here as a greeting. So she walks in the class and we go to kiss on the cheek but I didnt know which side to kiss her on cause we were in a really awkward position so all the sudden BAM! She goes for it and we kiss on the lips. YUCK! haha It might not seem that bad to you but I was very traumatized ok? haha

Oh also, I think I forgot to tell you. Last week we went to our cooks house for lunch but the problem was, she was gone and there was someone cooking in her place. She asked if we wanted to eat something and we didnt fully understand what she said so we said sure. And so she brings it out and its cow hoof stew. BAH! It was the most disgusting thing ever. Soo chewy and there were veins and everything. And the worst part was...the hair wasnt all off of it so there was hair floating around. Sick. Hna Nelson and I were thinking that that is possibly where she got her parasite.

Well sorry I think this email is kind of all over the place. Hope I didnt bore you too much. I love you all! Thank you for your emails and letters. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

Love, Hermana Kami Alyse Alston

Pretty river close to my house!! Relatively empty but really big after the rain.

Nightmarish dogs on top of every house!!!

Beautiful Guatemalan country side

Our apartment complex in Las Palmas. We're on the 2nd floor in the back.

Our kitchen slash study room.

Empty room that we keep all of our pamphlets and hang some of our laundry in.

Our lovely bathroom - It really is lovely compared to my last house.

Our bedroom - don't let the blanket and sheet fool you. Its just for decoration, I don't sleep with any covers!

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