Monday, February 7, 2011

First week in Las Palmas February 7th, 2011

Hello my dearest family! Well today was a super eventful week! Remember how I told you that changes were coming up and that I was 99% sure that I wasn{t going to move? Yeah, I was 99% wrong. Right after I wrote to you, we got a call from our district leader telling us BOTH to pack our bags cause we were BOTH getting changed. Crazy! The life of a missionary is actually quite torturous! They call you and tell you to pack your bags with hardly any time and then you go to this giant meeting and they flash your face of the giant screen and then the they flash the name of your area and then a picture of your companion pops up. I was so stressed out I almost peed my pants. And now...the moment youve all been waiting for....I am in LAS PALMAS.....with...HNA NELSON STILL!! I was very relieved that I am still with my mother. Its just right next door to my old area but even closer to the mission office. The mission office is actually in my area. haha And I had no idea what I was missing in Pamelita. I LOVE IT HERE!!! We are opening up a new area and it is so much fun. Our area is soooo much bigger. We have to take a bus to get to some places. And we dont know anyone so its nice to be able to just talk to everyone and contact EVERYONE. The members are so nice and helpful here too. And the ward is actually functioning which is very unusual for me but rather wonderful! And they have a piano here and they were THRILLED when they found out I could play. Wonderful. haha Our area where we live is in the middle of a rather busy city. We live in a group of apartments on the second floor. Its actually pretty nice. And the best part is...we dont have MOSQUITOS!!!!!! I dont even have to use mosquito netting. Its wonderful. In case you couldnt tell, i love love love it here and am so glad I got moved. Oh and everyone keeps on telling me that my spanish is amazing so that makes me love it even more. haha We dont have any investigators yet really. Weve been contacting like nobodies business but since weve only been here a few days, we havent done a whole lot of teaching. Hopefully next week I will have more to report on that.
There is an area inside our area that we had to take a bus to. And when I say bus I actually mean someones 12 passanger van with 23 people in it with a few people hanging out the door. Yes, I was one of the passangers. Anyways this area is AWESOME! It{s right along side a river with a bunch of naked little kids swimming in it and women doing their laundry. And we went to visit some members out there. And this one member had a house that was EXACTLY like the house off of swiss family robinson. Sarah, we need to move the patch there Im afraid. It was AWESOME!!!
About my dog bite. I got the stitches taken out on saturday and unfortunately it is still an open gash. The doctor didnt seem to be concerned so whatever. Im just gonna take really good care of it and get over the fact that I am going to have a giant scar.

I can't believe you all are going to Disneyland without me. I thought I gave you all very strict instructions to not have any fun without me. And now you are going to the happiest place on earth. Hmmm...strange. hehe Only kidding. I'll forgive you someday. When are you all going? The ENTIRE fam?

Well lately I have been getting a ton of nursing calls. Being the nurse is kind of stressfull because at the same time, Im expected to get all of the same numbers that everyone else gets. (like contacts, lessons taught, baptisms) but I have to do Nursing stuff and it takes up a lot of time. I have 4 nursing meeting this week. With President and sister Maravilla and with the doctor in Salt Lake thats over this mission. You would not believe what of the Elders MOMs called me this week. She was on a three way call with the dr in Salt Lake and me. I was terrified. I told Dr. MaCarthur about it though and he was mad they pulled me into it and he said he would take care of the whole deal for me. Aparently the Elder is super sick and wrote his mom home about it so she was extremely concerned. Oh goodness.

Well I wont go on a bore you all to tears but thank you so much for your letters and EVERYTHING! You dont understand how much I love them and love all of you! Have a WONDERFUL week! ¡Te amo!

Love, Hermana Kami Alyse Alston

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