Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Letter and pictures from April 25th

Hello there my dearest family!

Well I didnt work a whole TON this week but it still turned out to be fun! I failed to mention last week that it was Semana Santa all week. They all celebrate easter for a week here. An entire week. And they go allllll out. Each day of the week they have a new festivity that has to do what happened the week of Christs death and ressurection. It{s pretty insane here! So NO ONE was in there house the entire week and ALL of our appointments fell through. No one in the mission worked on friday or saturday cause its pretty pointless and dangerous (so I hear) so we were locked up as zones in the church all day. I went slightly crazy but made the best of it! One of my favorite festivities that they did though was this thing called alfombra which means carpet in spanish. They make this super long carpet in the street made from seeds and leafs and stuff. Its super pretty. Unfortunately it rained super hard and washed it away before I could get a picture but you should google it. haha Then one of the other nights, there were tons of people running around in masks and playing creepy drums and dancing and asking people for money. I guess they were supposed to symbolize Judas Iscariot when he sold Jesus out for money. Very interesting. Anyways, enough of that but HAPPY EASTER! I hope yours was fabulous. The people here think that its VERY strange that we only celebrate one day and that we have a giant bunny hide stuff in our house. haha Cant say that I blame them.

Another tradition that they have that I am not a huge fan of is eating cow stomach. Our cook made a biiiig pot of it. It is so chewy and disgusting. I know I am tough and all but I had a hard time getting that one down. My companion was so confused and was like "well what do they do with all the cow parts in the states"? I told her they probably put it is dog food. haha Speaking of food, I was eating some chicken soup (which is pretty much like broth with a whole chicken in it - also at my cooks house) and I saw this strange little green ball floating in it. When I asked Hna Noj what it was, she said it was an egg that was developing inside the chicken. SICK! I ate it and sure enough, it just tasted like a hard boiled egg. I guess it was just a special Easter surprise!

Something very strange happened to me this week. I got a fungus or something on my face. At first it was just a little spot but then it started getting bigger and spreading all over my face. AND IT ITCHES LIKE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I woke up one morning and my neck was on fire and I have a rash all over my neck and chest. I cant even sleep at night cause it itches so bad. I have no clue what it is but Im trying a bunch of different pills for it. I also have a fungus on my legs and in the armpits. Hna Nelson and I were casually talking the other day about how we both need to buy some more antifungal cream cause we're almost out. And then we realized. bahaha! This is not a normal conversation. Normal people should NOT have to buy tubes and tubes of antifungal cream. Oh goodness my life.

Well sorry I have absolutely nothing to fill you in on as far as people go here cause I pretty much didnt talk to anyone cause EVERYONE was doing festivities or out of town. The streets were freakishly quiet. Hopefully Ill have lots of update you on next week. Changes are Wednesday. Im not even going to try and guess what is going to happen cause Im always WAY off.

Thank you sooooo much for the letters and packages and love that you all send me. You make my life so much better!!!! Have a wonderful week! Until next monday!

- Hermana Kami Alyse Alston

Our baptism last week. Cutest little boy EVER!

Cow stomach that we had for lunch. Yummm!

I thought this was funny. This is at church on Sunday. Thats how most people get to church.

Semana Santa (easter week) festivities


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