Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11th

Yikes! I finally got a computer that played videos and I spent all of my internet time watching the videos. So sorry if this is a little short but let me tell was highly enjoyable watching the videos. The elder next to me really enjoyed them too. hehe

Well we have 2 baptisms this Friday night which I am very excited about! Other then that, not a whole lot has happened as far as investigators go. But dont worry, a lot of other exciting things happened this week.

We had a surprise Hermanas Conference! All the Hermanas from the mission got together and we had a conference with President. And just guess what the topic was......yup! ETERNAL MARRIAGE! baha! They also gave us some excellent tips on how to catch a husband when we get home. I was dying. We also learned some great medical tips from Hna Maravilla. She informed us that taking a shower in the night after you have been hot all day is EXTREMELY dangerous and causes arthritis and early death. Also, sitting on sidewalks causes hemerrhoids. Did you know that? haha cause I sure didnt! Very helpful. Then, heres the best part. On friday, we all went to XETULUL!! Its a theme park with roller coasters and what not. Remember when I found out that I was going to Retalhuleu on my mission and I looked it up on the internet and all I could find was pictures of a theme park? Well that{s the one. It was really fun. A little strange though cause I was wearing jeans and riding rides and definitely didnt feel like a missionary! Super fun! Im still not sure what the purpose of the trip was but Im not complaining!

In answer to your questions, yes, I travel to visit different zones to talk about health still and I do go to the far away areas too. Right now, we are planning a trip to San Marcos. Its the cold area in the mountains. We{re gonna go and do divisions there too. Its a pretty good time.

Well since I dont have much time. Im going to end with a list that we{ve been making of you know its hot when......These are only a few of the many we{ve come up with. Thought you might enjoy.

You know its hot can{t cross your legs in church because they are too slippery with sweat.
You know its hot when.....your whole body breaks out in a yeast infection...permenantly.
You know its hot when......People cant tell that your shirt is wet because EVERY inch is covered in sweat.
You know its hot when.....People ask you if you got caught in the rain storm. "No, no that{s just sweat."
You know its hot when.....You need to change your shirt at 830 in the morning because you are so sweaty and embarrased to go to church!

Well sorry this email was suuuuper short. I swear I will be better next week. Ill make sure its a little longer and a little more exciting. hehe All you July birthdays in the fam, your letters are on their way! Thank you so much for everything!! Have a GREAT week!

Love, Kami Alyse Alston

Bus we went on to Xetulul

BFF in Xetulul, yes, that is Hna Roney haha

Ignore my fat stomach please, it happens.

What our comp saves in the fridge.

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