Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 18th

Well hello there! I feel like this week was very uneventful but I will try my best to tell you some interesting stuff.

Well one very happy thing that happened is....DANISA AND ANTONY got baptised!! I have to admit. I was a little worried for a second that it wasnt going to be able to happen but they are baptised and confirmed and officially members! Woohoo! They are very happy. Its cute.

Something else exciting we did this week was...our zone put on a free car wash at the Stake Center. It was actually a lot cooler than I thought. There was a lot of people that stopped and while the Elders washed their cars, the Hermanas (me) gave tours of the chapel. I was surprised at the peoples reactions. We find that it is VERY difficult to get people to church for the first time. They are just scared because they{ve never been inside of one before. So we showed them all the rooms and in the end we sat in the Chapel and explained what we do in sacrament meeting and we asked them how they felt. And almost every single one of them said that they felt something really special and felt really peaceful. A ton of people said they would like to come to church on Sunday so we{ll see what happens. But I was thinking about it and that would be a cool activity that I could do when I got home. My goal is to still be a great missionary when I get home so Im always thinking of things I could do when I get back. ha

This week we were working in the office (as usual) and the light went out (as they always do). But the only problem with that is....the gates to get out of the church are electric. So to make a long story short, we were locked in the offices FOREVER! We ended up not leaving until 6 in the evening. Yeah, that wasnt a very productive day.

So changes are coming up this Wednesday and we find out today if we are getting changed or not. I am having some serious anxiety because Hna Nelson and I have been together now for 7 and 1/2 months and we have been in our area for 6 months. That is a very very very very long time. So I am 99% sure that we are getting seperated and moved to a different area. My whole world is about to turn upsidedown here soon. And you KNOW how I hate change.

So my comp Hna Parada, has an obsession with filling the first aid kits for the mission. I dont know if you remember but each transfer, we have to get a list of medications that EVERY SINGLE district needs a refill of in their first aid kits and then we go to the Pharmacy and buy them all and then we fill everybodies kit. Well Hna Parada LIVES for filling these things. She doesnt even want us to help her cause she wants to do all of them herself. So all day today shes been saying..."I DONT WANT CHANGES! I HOPE I DONT GET CHANGED!!" And when we ask her why, she says its because she wants to be with the mission nurse so she can fill first aid kits. Not cause shes gonna miss the members, not cause shes gonna miss us, but because she wants to refill first aid kits for the mission. Character she is. Very very interesting.

Well I have got to go. Sorry my email is short and boring again but I am sending a few videos to make it interesting. I love you all! Have a fantastic week. And PRAY that I dont get a psycho comp! haha BYE!

Love, Hermana Kami Alyse Alston
Danisa and Antony and the supportive ward we have!!


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