Monday, October 3, 2011

Sept 26th

Hey fam! I hope everything is going ok with you all. I recieved quite a bit of news this week with a new baby, rattlesnake bite, who knows what else?!?! Heaven help me. This week was exceptionally FAST and CRAZY! But not nearly as crazy as yours I dont think.

So first I will give you an update on our investigators. Maria Gloria is still progressing nicely. We had another setback with her daughters because they thought that they couldnt listen to music or dance or anything ever again after they got baptised. They also thought that they couldnt celebrate birthdays or anything cause thats what all the evangelicals believe here. SO thats why they didnt go to church. We of course explained to them that that was ok and that they could still listen to music and stuff so they came to church this week and they are gong to get baptised with Maria Gloria on the 8th of October. Its really hard to get them all to church at the same time though because they have soooo much to do at their house, they can never be gone at the same time. For example, Maria Gloria wouldnt let one of the daughters (Angela) go to church because she had to go fetch water from the river so that they would have water for lunch when they got back. They live in the middle of the jungle and work HARD just to survive. But they love going to church and Maria Gloria says that she is completely converted. She always tells us "Hermanas, dont worry about me, I am converted. I know that God has chosen me to be baptised in his church. You guys can worry about other people. You have other souls to save!" haha I love them so much. They all want to meet my family and they always talk about when you guys are going to visit them.

Ody. To be honest, Id rather not talk about it because I am still rather upset about that. To make a long story short, she is NOT getting baptised. She got in a fight with a member of the church and now she doesnt want anything to do with the church. We tried EVERYTHING but she says that her mind is unchangeable. Bummer that she made the decision to let an annoying member change her mind about her eternal salvation but what can you do?!

We did a whole lot of traveling this week. We went to San Fransisco (Guatemala, not USA, just thought I would clear that up), Tiquisate, and Reu. I think I am getting a little bored with riding in buses. But we have gotten a few new investigators from bus rides so I guess its ok.

Other interesting experiences we had. We went to do service with Maria Gloria and wash clothes in the river by their house. Oh my goodness. That is HARD work. We had like 3 huge buckets full of clothes and we had to get in the river and wash the clothes on rocks. I had the lovely experience of washing a diaper. (They use cloth for diapers here) It was rather enjoyable. We did that for like 4 hours! I dont know how they do that every week. Incredible! We also have been helping her make tortillas cause she sells them every day. We do them all by hand and I have to admit that I am becoming quite the pro. haha Don{t worry, I will make a lovely tortilla feast for yall when I get home.

Other funny thing. You remember the crazy lady that grabbed my butt and tried to rob me? Well we saw her again and she just walked up to me and slapped my butt! This lady needs help. Then she kept on trying to touch me again and I grabbed her hand and yelled at her. Then she kept on following us so I turned around and acted like I was going to hit her and she ran away as fast as she could. bahaha! Who knew I was so intimidating? Then a few days later, this drunk man was following us on the street. And we kept on changing sides of the street and walking and stopping, walking and stopping just to make sure that he was following us. And one time when we stopped and looked at him, he said "yeah! I AM following you. Call the police if you want!" The thing is with drunk men, is Im not scared of them at all. They are so wasted that I could tip them over with one finger. THAT is why you dont need to worry about me. I am WAY stronger then them.

Well I think that is all the news for the week. I had some other cool experiences with investigators but I dont want to bore you to tears. Maybe next week. I hope all the pictures and videos make the email more exciting. CONGRATULATIONS CHRISTI on the new baby! He is sooooo cute! And good luck, Lindsey! Ill be praying for you and thinking about you on the 29th. Be brave! I love you all tons! Thank you soooo much for your letters and love! Have a GREAT week! Hasta Lunes!

Love, Hermana Kami Alyse Alston
I think this qualifies me as an official guatemalan.

oh just the view to the side of the road while we were contacting. SOOOOOOOO pretty!
in case you cant tell, that is a BEAUTIFUL RIVER in the middle of the jungle.
heading to church with Maria Glorias family.

washing clothes in the river.

making tortillas with Maria Gloria to sell.

bus ride.....again!

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