Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nov 7th Happy November


Well this week was indeed better than the last. We are still not having much luck with finding new investigators but that it going to change very soon, I know it!

So I dont know if I have mentioned anything about this or not but the temple in Quetzaltenango (Xela) just got finished being built and the open house for it is starting this week. So we have been working with the wards here a ton and inspiring all of the members to get a list of people that they are planning on bringing. So everyone has a sheet of paper and they have to put a list of names of people that they invited and they have to pay for the bus there and their food. That has been very difficult considering the fact that NOBODY has any money but the Bishop held a meeting and macheted all the people in the ward and said..."NOW is the time for sacrifice!! The Lord is asking us to use this opportunity to share the gospel and we need to be willing." So everyone is frantically doing fundraisers and paying all of the money that they can muster up to invite people. One lady in the ward has invited 20 people. Awesome!! So anyways, I just think that we are going to have a ton of success in finding people who want to learn about the gospel because everyone is going to feel the spirit super strong in the temple and know that it is special. Im so excited!!

Other exciting news about that....the President told us this week that all the Hermanas in the mission get to go and work in the temple for the open house 3 different times. I am soooooo excited I could just die!! We are going to be the ones that are in the snack area after the tour that are going to be answering questions. Fun huh?! Yesterday I got to go to Xela for the first time because we had a training meeting with Elder Martino (the area 70) about what our job will be there. It was really neat. We got to see the temple and a video about the history of the church here in Guatemala. There will also be tours certain days where they will have it in different "tongues" they call them (different dialects). We also will get the chance to go up there to go through the open house ourselves with the other missionaries in our zone. Im so excited!! It is freezing in Xela. QUITE the difference from here.

Something really funny happened to us this week. So we were walking and dying of the heat one day so we decided to sit down on the sidewalk in the shade for a second and this drunk man walks up to us. He is from Argentina and INSISTED that I was from Argentina as well. He would not believe me when I said no. He was on his way back from the store from buying sardines. And he gave us his huge can or sardines. hahaha He said " its not much but I want to give you something to thank you for being women. Women are just so amazing." And as he started talking about this, he almost started crying. Poor drunk people, they act so ridiculous. They should be embarrased.

This week we had a multi zone conference (like 60 missionaries) and the President and Hna Maravilla. I was asked to sing a solo. I was so dang nervous but you should have seen the President after. He was soooo proud. He got up to the pulpit and talked about it for like 3 minutes and asked me to please start preparing right now to sing 3 more special musical numbers at Christmas time. Oh dear. Why me? haha He is super proud of us for our baptisms this month and he used us to machete all of the other missionaries. He said, "if the mission nurse can baptise so many people, you all have absolutely no excuses!!" He talked about how I have so many other responsiblities and I still baptise. At least 5 minutes. I was sooo emarrased. haha

Well family, my time is up BUT I love you all tons and tons and tons. Thank you for your letters and emails and support. HAVE A WONDERFUL NOVEMBER!!!

Love, Hermana Kami Alyse Alston

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