Monday, November 21, 2011

November 14, 2011

Hello family!!!!

Wow, I have so much to tell you guys in so little time. Ill try to fit everything in. So on Saturday, we got to go to the temple just to go to the open house. It was sooooo fun and beautiful! I was inside the temple and looking around and I realized that all of the women that were guiding us were wearing typical mayan clothes and looked sooooo indian and awesome and it just hit me! All of these people are lamanites! And I am inside a temple in the land of the lamanites! Awesomeness. We get to go tomorrow and Thursday to work there all day too. I am so excited!

Our ward also went and we had two huge buses full of nonmembers that the ward members invited. One man brought 44 people. Craziness! We were there at the church to welcome the buses back and we got to talk to people about there experience there. Everyone said the same things. So many people said..."I just cannot describe the peace and happiness that I felt in there. Its like nothing I have ever felt before. Its a very sacred place". It is so true! And I am so glad that other people could feel it too. It was crazy. The second the bus drove up to the temple and we were on the temple grounds, the spirit just hit me sooo strong. And the second I stepped off of the temple grounds, I didnt feel it anymore. It really is such a blessing we have to have temples!!!

We also invited a bunch of our investigators to go to the temple. We went to visit them yesterday to see how they felt there. And one of our investigators (Maria) started crying. She said pretty much the same thing as the other lady. And she said that she couldnt describe the feeling that she felt there. She now is getting baptised this weekend with her 3 kids. While we were there she was telling her kids, "I will not give you my blessing if you get married in any other place but that temple." haha! She{s not even a member yet! I love it. Another investigator we have named Erlin went. His whole family is are members (wife and kids) but he has been waiting to get baptised (like 15 years). When he got back, he was all teary eyed and said that his favorite part was the last room (celestial room) and that he never wanted to leave it. He said, "my wife has always wanted to get married to me in the temple and now I understand why and I want to too."

As you can tell, a lot of miracles that have happened because of the temple. And Im sure there are many more to come. All of these people tesimonies of temples is strengthening my testimony of temples so much! They are not even members of the church and they can feel it.

So the trip to Xela is like 2 hours long and on our way driving there, the President was in the car behind us and he called me and told me something super scary. He said that where we were driving, it is completely prohibited for missionaries to be there. He said that there are lots of indians there and they are still caught up in their old traditions and that they do witchcraft and sacrafice animals and people! He said that 15 years ago, there were two misionaries there and they got a hold of them and killed them! Missionaries will never be allowed there again. Scary huh? Also, he said that they still stone people in the streets if they commit adultery and such. Creepy!

Well other than that, nothing to interesting happened to us. The crazy lady in the street that always touches us now lives on our street (on the sidewalk, she is homeless) but the people on our street keep giving her food. Every time she sees us, she runs up to us and punches us and then runs away. We found out that she is a lesbian. That would explain all the touching. But our neighbor told her that if she ever touches us again, he will beat her up. So she doensn{t really bug us that much anymore.

Another random thing that happened is yesterday I slipped in a drunk mans throw up on the street. YUMMM!! Sundays are always the best! haha

Well I ran out of things to say but I love you and miss you all tons and tons! Have a fantastic week!!!

Love, Hermana Kami Alyse Alston

I taught my comp how to carve a pumpkin. When we put a candle in it and turned off the lights, she squealed and almost died out of pure joy.

Chicken feet. Yummmm!

Making tamales with chicken feet and chicken heads. Yeah, that is the neck and head of the chicken on the right.

Our brilliant landlord decided to put a huge wooden cabinent in our already TINY bathroom so now we have to squish our legs up like that when we go to the bathroom. Typical Guatemala. Just doesnt make any sense.

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