Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween

Hi family! Happy Halloween! I am so excited its Halloween. To bad nobody knows what it is here but thats ok. I taught my comp what it is and we are going to party. We are both wearing orange and black and we are going to carve pumpkins tonight. The only problem is, the pumpkins here are a weird green color. Not very festive but better than nothing!

Well I am going to 100 percent honest. This week was kindof horrible. Me and my comp were both very discouraged the whole week. The problem is, all of our investigators got baptised and now we have NOTHING! We had some investigators that we thought were super positive but we had to drop all of them this week. We didnt have any investigators at church either which is always a huge bummer. But thats ok cause we planned out this week really well and we are going to rock it! So as far as investigators, I dont have a whole lot of news for you. Except that Alex got the Priesthood and passed the sacrament to us yesterday. That was VERY happy.

I am getting quite sick of people lying to us. It is just the culture here, people think its ok to lie. All the time. I dont feel bad saying that cause the President always tells us that. But I just hear lies all day long and Im getting really bored of it. It doesnt help that I was kindof in a bad mood this week because I called EVERYONE out on their lies. I didnt let anyone get away with anything. But maybe it will make them think twice next time before they lie. haha

I think the reason why I was in a mad mood is because the rain stopped. Completely. It hasnt rained the whole week. It has been soooooo sunny and SOOOOOOOO dang hot its ridiculous!! And you know how I get cranky in the heat. haha Our house is like an oven too. It is like 1000 degrees hotter in there AND my fan broke. AND the water went out. AND we were unable to buy pure water. It was kind of a disaster but definitely an adventure. We got real creative. We also ran out of money because its a long month. And we had zero food in the house. Luckily, all of the people here are soooooo humble and nice and everyone gives us food so we ate a feast every day. haha

Last Pday, all of the Hermanas in the zone went to my Bishops house and his teenage daughter put "braids" in our hair. Im not quite sure why they call them braids cause they arent really. But basically, you get this thread type stuff and wrap it around your hair and put beads at the end. Lots of people have them here, and Ive been wanting one for a long time so we finally got one! I thought that it would be against mission rules so I asked Hna Maravilla if I could get one and she said "yeah! Why not!". I must have forgotten that I am in Guatemala and anything goes! haha

As far as nursing goes, I have been traveling to all the houses here in Mazate to inspect all of the houses. Its been kinda fun to see all the different houses and different areas. I also have to go through the missionaries Ipods and MP3 players and such to make sure that they dont have any other music besides church music. And if it can play videos, I have to take it away! ahh! Luckily I havent had to take anything yet. I dont want to. Everyone is going to hate me! haha

Well, I think that is about all the news this week. Sorry that I complained a lot. Next week will be better, promise! I love you all oh so much! Have a very happy Halloween! Talk to you next Monday!

Love, Hermana Kami Alyse Alston

We didnt have water for a while (in the fuacet or pure water) so this is what I bathed with. Our water just happened to go out the hotest day that we have had in forever. That bowl that is sitting there was half full and I bathed with just that. That is pure talent if you ask me!

Getting our braids at my Bishops house.

Us with out braids (oh have I mentioned that my BFF is in my zone now? Yeah...Hna Roney. haha)

More braid pics. hehe

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