Monday, December 12, 2011

November 28th

Hello fam!

I hope you all had a little bit of a horrible thanksgiving without me! Ok, ok, i really hope you had a good one. We didnt really do much for our thanksgiving. We went and worked at the temple and then we went and bought some potatoes and things to make a feast. Well it turns out that none of the ingredients here are the same so it turned out pretty disgusting. But it was ok but im pretty sure that I have parasites again and had absolutely 0 desire to eat anything. I tried to shove some potatoes down my throat and we managed to get a "pie" from McDonalds but it was really an empanada. And that was the extent of my Thanksgiving. But thats ok, there{s always next year right? haha We did get together as a zone the next day though and watched Toy Story 2 and ate Taco Bell so that was a pretty good time I guess. haha

As far as investigators go, we are contacting people like crazy that went to the temple. We have apts with all of them this week. One lady showed up at church alone. So we went and started talking to her and it turns out that on Saturday, she went to the temple by herself. And she told us that just in the introductory video, she started crying and felt something really bonito so she decided to come to church. She said, "dont worry, Ill be coming every week now. I love it!" haha We were very pleased. We also had 2 other investigators at church. One of them, named Mari, has a really sad story. She has breast cancer and is pretty much dying. She has 2 little kids and is getting chemotherapy. She doesnt have hair or anything. But she is awesome and has so much faith and is really positive so we are excited about that. The other one that was there is named Oliver. About 2 months ago, he got shot while he was walking in the street and has been recovering in his house for like 3 months and hasnt left since. He said he was way to scared to leave the house so he couldnt go to church with us. But after a lot of convincing, HE CAME! We were shocked. And he even brought a pamphlet that we had given him of the restoration of the gospel. He doesnt even know how to read but he had it clutched in his hand the whole day. So cute. Now our goal is to get his family to go next week!

So you would not believe what happened to us a few days ago. We were walking down the street, minding our own business and some guy was driving by in his car and said "ADIOS" and threw a rock at us. But like a big one. And HARD! It hit Hna Hidalgo right in the head. Poor thing. She just BURST into tears. And couldnt stop crying for a very long time....until I bought her an ice cream cone and then she was very content. Oh the things that happen to us as missionaries.

Somethign else funny that happened. We were on the bus on our way to Xela. And the guy that was taking money for the bus ride was charging everyone like 5 Quetz more than it should have cost. So I just payed him of course, trying not to cause problems. But he caused the biggest riot. Everyone on the bus was screaming and a few men stood up and they were fighting! Like, actually fist fighting for quite a while. And the whole bus got involved. It was hilarious. I was just enjoying the entertainment. haha I love my life.

As far as Nursing stuff goes. Last night I got a call from our ZLs and it turns out that they were playing around and an Elders hand got slammed in a door. But super bad. I had to go to their house at like 930 at night. It turns out that the whole top of his finger pretty much wasnt connected and he didnt have a nail. I just cleaned it up and he had to go to the hospital for stitches. The president called and was livid. Not at me of course but at the Elders for being dumb.

Well i think thats all the news I have for you right now. But I love you tons. Have a wonderful week!!

Love, Hermana Kami Alyse Alston

Some girls in our ward about to dance! }

Dont even know.

Zone thanksgiving feast.

Our thanksgiving.

Our thanksgiving feast....I was a little ill and did not feel like eating.

Mission friends. Hna Nelson left me. waa!

The baptisms that I never sent you the pictures for.

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