Monday, December 12, 2011

December 12

Hey fam! I can{t believe how much fun the pictures of the Christmas party looked! I thought I told you to not have any fun without me? BETRAYERS! Its ok, I forgive you.

So a lot of exciting stuff happened this week. The cultural event for the dedication of the temple was Saturday. I hope you guys watched it and recorded it on BYU-tv. It was so fun to see all of the people in my old areas dancing and in my ward right now. We had some recent converts that were dancing in it too which was so fun. We didnt get to go but we watched it on television in the stake center here. I am pretty much famous cause I did the hair of some girls in our ward and they were on national television so that is my claim to fame! haha Then yesterday was the dedication of the temple. It was super good. President Uchtdorf came to do it. We got to go to all three sessions (at the stake center of course). I am kind of sad though, its over! So fast! All of the temple festivities are over! I am sooo glad that I just happened to be here at just the right time and got to see all of it. Something I will never forget!

One lady in our ward (that always helps us sooo much and finds us investigators) randomly got picked to be one of the people who got to be in the temple for the dedication. So on Sunday when she found out that she was going to be able to go, she called me over SOOOO EXCITED and took me aside and just pulled out her ticket to go to the temple. And I squealed and said "how did you get so lucky?!" and she said "its not luck Hermana!" and just burst into tears. She said that it was a blessing from God for helping us with missionary work. So sweet. I have never seen anyone so excited in my life.

So we are teaching this one lady that went to the temple. She said that she felt something so amazing there and that she wanted to get baptised. So we were planning her baptism for 2 days ago and we went there to confirm all the plans and everything and she was drunk. Waa! We were so sad! She had told us earlier that she likes to socially drink but that it wasnt a problem. Apparently that was a lie. But we are still working with her and we are hoping she will get baptised, just a liiiittle bit later.

Oh yeah, I gave President the family Christmas CDs that you sent and you would not even believe his reaction. I left the CD in the office and the next day, he called me and said "hey, who is this?" and when I said Hna Alston, he just started BLASTING the music into the phone. So loud. He let like the whole song play and they ranted and raved for like 10 minutes, no joke about how proud he was that I am in HIS mission and that our family has this amazing talent and how he wants all of you to come pick me up so he can meet you in person how he wants all of our signatures and he wants more CDs. And he wants a DVD of us singing too. He googles us and he has an obsession with Sarah{s voice. He wants to meet her especially. haha He thinks we are celebreties. So dont worry mom, the gift was DEFINITELY appreciated!!!!

Other news of the week....I got lice. No joke. My head was really itchy for like 3 days so I finally had my comp check my head to see if I had them and she was like screaming and like hitting my head and saying "They{re HUUUUUGE!!!! THERE ARE SOO MANY!!!!!!!!!!" hahahahaha You can only imagine my panic. We then ran to the pharmacy, got some de licing shampoo and spent the rest of the night getting the little suckers out of my hair and disinfecting the entire house. WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAPPEN TO ME!!! When the sisters in my zone found out they were just making fun of me. They said "you are so funny cause youre the mission nurse, youre supposed to be healthy but everything happens to you...lice, parasite, dog attack. I really am so lucky.

Also, I was talking to a man this week and he asked me how old I was and I told him 22 and he almost fell over dead out of shock. He said "people nowadays are getting married when they are 12. you are soooooooo old. You already passed your chance to get married. What is your problem?!" He was dead serious might I add. I told him that I didnt know why but that no one wanted to marry me!! hahaha Its probably cause I have lice.

Anyways, thats all my news for the week. But as always thank you for your support and love. I miss you and love yall sooooo much! Dont worry about me over here. I am perfectly safe, happy and having the time of my life! LOVE YOU!

Love, Hermana Kami Alyse Alston

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