Monday, October 17, 2011

October 10

Hey fam!!!!

I hope yall had a WONDERFUL week because I had the best week ever! As usual. haha But this week, I swear was one of the best. You wanna know why? Because Maria Gloria and her family got baptised!!!! Woohoo!!! Finally! The ones who got baptised are Maria Gloria, Angela, Darling, Abdulia y Areli. They were so happy. So we have been teaching them pretty much the whole time we{ve been here and they said they want to get baptised but they just wanted more and more time. They wanted to prepare more first cause they kept not feeling like they were ready. But finally, we just decided on wednesday that we were going to go to their house and challenge them to get baptised on SUNDAY! We planned our lesson and made lots of visuals and everything. Well it turns out that it was an AWESOME lesson. We were explaining the blessings of baptism and we bore a simple testimony about it when I looked down at all 5 of them sharing a seat on their hammick and I saw 10 huge teary eyes staring at us. I had never seen them pay such close attention. But they were all feeling the spirit so strong and were crying. Right then, they all agreed to be baptised. That night, the spirit was so strong you could have cut it with a knife and my testimony grew so much about how special and important baptism is. I am sooo glad that I get to invite people every day to come unto Christ and be baptised.

You would not believe how stressful it is to get a baptism together though. Oh goodness. Satan was working so hard so that these people would not get baptised. We didnt have any water in our church so we had to go to a different building to do it. We woke up at like 5 in the morning to get everything ready. Something funny that happened was our ward mission leaders first time baptising anyone and he messed up like 500000000000000 times. He had to dunk poor Maria Gloria in the water like 5 times. And each of her daughters too. Oh goodness. Afterwards, Maria Gloria was laughing and said..."I must have had a ton of sins! I am baptised GOOD!" haha We really wanted to have Hno Chij baptise them though cause he is the one that found them and gave them a ride to church every sunday and everything. They really wouldnt have gotten baptised if it wasnt for him. There is no way that we would have found them cause they live in the middle of the jungle. We could not do anything without the awesome members here helping us! Please help the poor missionaries in your area! Give them references or whatever you can! ha

Well changes are coming again this week but I dont have them. We told the President that we are in love with Mazate and never want to leave and that made him really happy. haha So we get to stay here! Yay! Oh and something very random for you. I got a new phone this week and it is a fancy touch phone and I feel soooooo wordly. Its very strange. I dont know what Im going to do when I get back and have an iPhone, and a computer and all. Oh dear! Culture shock!

Nothing terribly scary happened to me this week. 2 drunk men attacked me. And when I saw attacked, I mean cornered me and were begging me to take them to eat. I actually got a little scared this time but apparently I am very intimidating because I gave them a threatening face and pushed me way through them and they ran away talking about how I was SO mad. Im so tough. haha

Well I can{t think of anything else exciting that happened to me this week so there you go. But I love you all sooo much! Keep the emails and letters coming. Have a great week!

Love, Kami Alyse Alston

Kids day celebration at the church. i have never seen so many kids in my life! Is kids day a holiday in the states? I dont think so. But its huge here.

Maria Gloria, Angela, Darling, Abdulia and Areli. And Hno Chij (our ward laeder, who baptised them)

I swear they were very happy, people just dont smile for pictures here. haha

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