Monday, October 17, 2011

October 17th

Well hello there my dearest family! I hope this email finds you all doing very well. I guess a bunch of parents are calling the mission lately cause there is stuff on the news about natural disasters in Guatemala and such. Is that true? Im a little out of the loop ya know?

This week has been very interesting. Apparently there is a huricane in Mexico and we are getting the affects of it here. It has been raining THE ENTIRE WEEEEEEEK!! Every day. All day. Its crazy. We couldnt even go to the big transfers meeting in Reu because nobody could get there. All of the rivers here overflowed and there wasnt passage anywhere. We tried to go and got stuck in San Felipe the whole day. Most boring day of my life. I feel bad for a lot of people here though cause their houses are being washed away from all the water. Or the rivers. We live in the city so we havent seen any effects over there. It is sooooooo humid though. Everything is wet from the humidity. All of my clothes are drenched and my sheets feel like I just pulled them out of the washing machine. Not very cozy to crawl into at night. But the good news is, it has been rather delightful weather. Not hot at all. Imagine that.

So I have another cool experience that happened this week. There is this punk teen (named Alexander) that pretty much lives in the street. He doesnt have parents or anything. He is always skating or break dancing in the street and never has a shirt on and is always using a hat. Oh and his hair is super super long. So we starting talking to him last week in the street and we invited him to church (thinking that he would never come of course). I had totally forgotten that we invited him. But guess who showed up at church? Yup! Him! He didnt change his clothes at all. He wore his skater shoes, hat and all. But he stayed for all three meetings and when we talked to him he said he felt really good and church and wanted to come every week for the rest of his life. ha! Wow! He also said that he felt uncomfortable with his hair long and dressed like that. But we put an apt with him for two days later. Well when we went for our apt. He was wearing a formal shirt, jeans, no hat and his hair was cut short. What the? We challenged him to be baptized and he is getting baptized this Saturday. He keeps on talking about a mission and says he is going to start preparing now cause he reeeeeally wants to go on one. Cutest thing ever huh? Ill send you a before and after picture of him when I have one.

We are still teaching Carolina and she is progressing nicely. The only problem is, she is graduating from school at the end of this month and claims she cant go to church until that ends. Ill keep you up updated.

So there are 2 other Elders in the Zone that came in with me. E. Taufui and E. Crone. They are completing a year with me too this week so we decided to celebrate today. We bought a cake and soda and had a little party with the zone. The Elders are a little jealous that I dont have that much time left and they still have a whole year to go. baha I cant believe I have a year. I am so old and wise huh?

People keep telling me how good my Spanish and accent are this week. That makes me happy. I think it helps having a latina comp. Either that or they are just trying to make me feel good. haha In answer to your questions, no I never speak in english. Unless its pday with the other elders or on the phone with sick elders. I think in Spanish the majority of the time. And I dream in both. Spanish if my dream is with the people here but if I dream about home, I dream in English. No, I dont hate it. I officially dont mine talking in Spanish all the time. Its not really hard for me anymore so its not a burden.

Well I am completely out of things to say. I dont think anything life shattering happened to me this week. I love you all soooo dang much! Have a fantastic week! Que Dios les bendiga siempre!

Love, Hermana Kami Alyse Alston

Pretty volcano from the bus

These are called pacas. AKA the mall here in Guatemala. There are gagillions of them. This is where I buy my clothes. All the clothes that you guys give away, come here to us!

And this is the inside.
All decked out for the rain and "cold"

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