Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Otober 24

Well hello there my dearest family!

Ok, I know I say this every week but I swear it was the best week yet. haha ALEXANDER GOT BAPTISED!! You know, the guy who was a scary looking punk and then completely changed his life around and is preparing for a mission? Yeah, him. He is my favorite. I heart him! We had some more awesome lessons with him. And he told us..."I dont know why, but I think God chose me to change my life. I just want to walk in the path to God and go on a mission. I just feel so happy in the church and I know that this path is the one that will bring me happiness. Hanging out with my friends and doing stupid stuff isnt going to make me happy." Then we asked him if he told his friends about his baptism and he told us that he hasnt talked to them cause he decided that they are a bad influence on him. He is doing all of this on his own. We are not even pushing him. Then to close with the lesson, we asked him if he could say the closing prayer and it was so sweet. He thanked God for sending us to help him to follow Jesus and he said "the hermanitas touched my heart and now I am excited and ready to follow Christ." See why I am so happy? I love seeing such a change in people. He also has a ton of support from the ward so Im pretty sure that they will make sure that he never falls away. Have I mentioned that I love being a missionary? As always though, the day of baptisms, something bad always happens. On our way to the chapel for the baptism, we were with Alexander in a tuc tuc and it broke down THREE TIMES! Then after the driver fixed the problem after the 3rd time breaking down, I thought we were good to go. WRONG! The cops pulled us over. Really? Cops dont do anything here. There are NO traffic rules and people do whatever they want. It was Satan trying to ruin the baptism, Im sure of it. haha

Something else really funny happened this week. We were visiting this inactive member at his house, and let me just tell you, he is the oddest person that I have ever met. He is like 50 years old, has a mustach and is VERY odd. But one of the first things he does when we get in his house is show us pictures of all his ex girlfriends. They were all beautiful and really young.....like 18 years old. Of course we didnt really believe him but we werent sure. Maybe it was true. But THEN he pulls out this picture in a frame. And before he shows it to us, he says "this is my favorite girlfriend I ever had. She was young (18 years old) but we were really in love. Unfortunately, she was coming to visit me here in Guatemala and the plane that she was on crashed into the ocean and she died." Then he flipped the picture around and you would never guess who it was....are you ready?!?! AMANDA BYNES!!!! bahahahaha! You know, the actress? It was a picture of him with his arm awkwardly up to the side and a picture of Amanda Bynes obviously cropped in there. hahahahaha" I was dying. What did he think? That I had never seen a movie with Amanda Bynes in it? haha Me and my comp laugh about that at least 3 times a day.

Dont worry, my health is good. I dont have any more parasites...I dont think. The only weird thing that is happening to me is that my skin is falling off in random places and it forms scabs. I have no idea what it is. Also, our house is disgusting. There is mold on EVERYTHING! Our pictures, our food, the walls, my bed, and heres the worst part....its growing on all of our clothes. And not the clothes that are just sitting there...the ones I wear ever day. Its ridiculous. Im no doctor, but I dont think that is healthy.

Well, we are getting kicked off the computer but I love you all tons. Thanks for EVERYTHING and for being super supportive! Hasta Lunes!

Love, Hermana Kami Alyse Alston

Crazy tin bridge over a river that we had to cross to get to an investigators house. I thought I was gonna die.

my comp stole my camera....shes gonna kill me for this one.

1 year mark celebration with some Elders that came in to the mission with me. They are a little jealous that I only have 6 months left and they still have a year to go. haha

1 year celebration....some Elders in my zone.

Alexanders baptism

All ready to recieve the Priesthood. You would not believe how different he looks. Ill try to send you a before picture next week.

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