Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 23

Hola mi familia y amigos! I hope this email finds you all alive and well!!

So I think the most exciting thing that happened this week is....I almost died. Ok, not really. BUT I WAS in an earthquake!!!! It was rather fun. So we were an an investigators house and we were about to start teaching a lesson when all of the sudden, my chair started to shake. At first, I thought on of the kids was just bumping up against it or something and then I realized.....EVERYTHING was shaking! Then it started to get stronger and stronger! I was actually quite scared. My comp to, we were kindof freaking out. I was looking around trying to figure out what to do but I kind of just panicked and stayed where I was. Luckily we were in a house made of tin so if it fell down, it wouldnt do to much damage. Since I have never been in an earthquake before, I was just waiting for the ground to open up like the movies....yeah, that didnt happen. It only lasted for about a minute and then it was over. haha So yeah, thats my exciting story. Super scary though.

Other exciting thing. We started teaching a family not to long ago and they are getting baptised already this Saturday! Their names are Miriam and Calín. They are not married so they will be getting married and baptised on Saturday with us. I am way excited. They also have a son that will getting baptised with them. We are doing something special this weekend because our zone is going to baptise a TON so we are having a "white out night". Basically, all of the areas in our zone are bringing their investigators here to the stake center and are going to do their baptisms at the same time. It looks like there will be over 20 baptisms. Its gonna be awesome. Pres is going to come and everything. Then, they are going to take a picture of us all and apparently we are going to be in the Ensign. Yep, Im gonna be famous. The only problem is, Calín is FREAKISHLY shy and does not want anyone to be at his baptism. haha! He is going to be in for quite a surprise when the whole stake is gonna be there. Poor little thing.

Oh heres another life changing thing that happened. We joined a gym. Like 2 weeks ago. Its awesome cause its an all ladies gym and they have classes in the morning like aerobics and spin. Ive been taking spin classes and I love it! I even get to listen to worldly music while to do it! I am such a sinner. haha I also have only been eating fruits and vegitables for like 2 weeks straight in hopes to get super skinny for yall before I get home and I gained 2 lbs. What the heck?

Yesterday, we went with all of the Young Women and their leaders in the ward to go visit less active young women members. It was super cool. I think our ward should start doing that. You would not believe how many young women went. Including 3 of our recent converts which was so fun to see! I got to see our recent converts encouraging the less actives to go to church and bearing their testimonies. SO FUN!

Well, thats all the news I got for ya but I love you all soooo incredibly much! Thank you for your support and love! Hasta el proximo Lunes!

- Hermana Kami Alyse Alston

cool hammick bridge that you have to cross to get to a village called Chimulbua in our area. Pretty scary if you ask me.

Cacao - The fruit that they make chocolate from.

They were selling these to eat in the market. Yummm!

Oh just me and my comp.

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