Saturday, February 18, 2012

January 30th


Boy was this week insane! I am actually very surprised that I did not die from a heart attack. You KNOW how I do not do well under stress. We spent the entire week preparing our investigators for baptism and planning a wedding. So we did end up doing the white out night. It was cool but oh so stressfull. There were about 20 baptism and around 200 people there (investigators and members). The missionaries were in charge of everything and were held responsible that everything went smoothly. From our area, we had 4 baptisms. Miriam, her husband (now) Calín, their son Juan, and Marias 18 year old son Ismael. Maria was going to get baptised but did not pass the baptismal interview. Whoops. Shes got a liiiiittle problem but she has her heart set on getting baptised and is going to do everything in her power to do it. We are hoping for February for her.

So as I told you guys before, Miriam and Calín were just living together but were not married. So they had to get married before they got baptised. Only problem was, they dont have a social security number or ANYTHING! They only had a birth certificate. So there was only 1 judge that would marry them without a social security number and he lives in Reu. So we had to go all the way to Reu on Saturday morning to get them married. A member took us in his pick up truck. The family, us missionaries and 4 witnesses were all crammed in the bed of the pick up truck for the entire trip to Reu. haha! It was sooo entertaining. It was the classiest wedding I have ever been to let me tell you. The bride wore flip flops and Im pretty sure the groom wasnt wearing shoes. BUT at least they did it and that is what matters cause now that are obeying another commandment AND they were able to get baptised. When we got back to Mazate from the wedding we at least ate some cake so that was special. hehe Im thinking about going into wedding planning. So if anyone would like help with their wedding, I have a LOT of experience now and could really help you out.

We took our district leaders to help us teach Miriam and Calín one day and they were asking about them about getting baptised and such. And Miriam just started going off about how she knows she should get baptised because she had a dream that Me and Hermana Jimenez were following her around in a white dress with a bowl of water in our hands and throwing water on her head. She said that ever since that dream she knew she had to get baptised. I was having the hardest time not laughing and my district leader and his comp were just looking at me like...what in the world are you teaching this poor lady! haha It was hilarious.

Well other than that, I dont think there is a whole lot new with me. Other than I have lice again. But thats normal. One of our neighbors and also a ward member is coming over tomorrow to help me get them out once and for all. ALSO, Hna Nelson wrote me to inform me that it has now been 1 year since I was viciously attacked by a dog. What a special aniversary. Well I gotta go but I love you all soooooo much! Miss you!

Love, Kami Alyse Alston

On our way to the wedding in Reu
Cutting the cake. hehe

Hermana Dora searching for lice.

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