Monday, February 20, 2012

February 20th, 2012

Hello family!

How in the world are you? I hope you have all started preparing for my ARRIVAL! You need to start preparing now cause we are going to PARTY! haha

I cant even remember what I did this week. Oh yes, it was very uneventful. Tuesday the new people came in so I had to go and give a little speach to them. So I was in Reu all day Tuesday. Then Wednesday was the change meeting so I had to go there and hand out "the bomb" aka deparasiting medication to all those who are going home and have them sign some papers. Then we spent the night in a hotel on Wednesday night in Reu because we went with President and Hna Maravilla and the asistants to San Marcos and San Pedro to go inspect houses. We stayed Thursday and Friday there so I pretty much spent the entire week out of my area. It was actually really fun though. We stayed in a hotel there in San Marcos. It is FREEZING there because it is up in the mountains. We got to hang out with Hna Maravilla a lot, go to some fancy restaurants and go shopping. haha Of course we did work too. We went to all the missionaries houses to make sure they were clean and check to see if they looked like they were following all the rules. We found one Elders Ipod full of rap music and other such nonsence so we had to take it away. haha The hotel that we stayed in had hot water though so I literally took about an hour long shower! It. Was. DIVINE! Then I got to actually sleep with covers because it was cold. I had totally forgot what that felt like.

But anyways, I really didnt have hardly any time in my area but we did manage to find some new people to teach. We´ve got a lot of investigators but they ALL have a lot of doubts and want more and more time to learn. Other than that, I really dont have any news as far as investigators go because I wasnt working in my area hardly at all this week. My comp is doing better. Shes getting used to the work schedule a little more and has calmed down. Now we can just laugh about the fact that she is such a sissy. It really does provide me with entertainment the whole entire day. She has been taking care of a lot of the nursing stuff cause she is learning how to do it all. And I just think its so funny the difference in the culture. She has told multiple people to drink lemon juice for their stomach aches and even told someone to squeeze lime in their eyeballs to take care of an infection that they have. Have I ever mentioned that the people here think that lime fixes absolutely any sickness that you have? That and coke. haha

Well I have absolutely nothing else to tell you guys and my computer wont let me download pictures so sorry if I bored you to tears. But I love you and all will talk to you next week!

- Hermana Kami Alyse Alston

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