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February 27th, 2012

Hey fam!

Well another week and come and gone so incredibly fast! Crazy! Unfortunately, once again, I dont have a lot of stuff to tell you all. We spent the week inspecting more houses with Hermana Maravilla. We went to Reu, San Felipe and Coatepeque this week. And its not over! We are going to start to inspect more tomorrow! Im actually getting pretty bored with it. I am still incredibly amazed how nasty the missionaries are! Seriously, some of the houses make me want to throw up. It is fun getting to know different places though and hanging out with Pres and Hna Maravilla. My poor comp has no idea what a normal missionary life is. We did manage to work over the weekend though and we brought 7 investigators to church! We were sooo excited!

We are teaching a boyfriend and girlfriend that are super awesome. Their names are Amanda and Dario. Amanda is the daughter of a recent convert. They are amazing because they do everything that we challenge them to do. Pray, read the book of mormon, go to church, even stop drinking. They are progressing quite nicely. And its really fun to see the change in them. They are both kinda partyers and a little bit rebelious but they are trying to change and doing a very good job. They said that it felt sooo good to be at church.

Ok, well I guess its time to tell you the exciting stuff. Or scary stuff, I dont know what you want to call it. But anyways, we got robbed on Saturday. We were walking down the street, pretty close to our house. But it was dark and no one was in the street except for us cause there was a parade going on and everyone was there. Anyways, I noticed this man walking behind us and I kind of got scared and was thinking, hmm maybe we should change sides on the street. But right when I was thinking that, and while I wasnt looking, he came up and grabbed me from behind and started yelling at me to give me my phone and everything that I had or he was going to kill us. So he grabbed my phone out of my hands and let me go and told me to give me all my stuff. I had my backpack on me but I reeeeeally didnt want to give it to him cause it had my camera and money and scriptures in it so I told him I didnt have anything valuable. Then he turned to my comp and did the same thing and she said the same thing. Then he just said FINE, GO AND ACT NORMAL, NOTHING HAPPENED. LEAVE! So we just walked away and that was that. I was a little shaken up but it wasnt that scary because he didnt have any kind of weapon and he was really little. I probably could have punched him and knocked him out. But we just did what he said and he left. I think it was his first time robbing or something cause he looked a little scared. haha But dont be scared. Were completely fine. He just got away with my phone. We called the Pres and told him and he said it is no big deal. That kind of stuff happens all the time here. I was actually surpirsed that it didnt happen to me sooner. Of course that would happen to me. And my last month on the mission too. I just add getting jumped to the list of dog attack, parasites, lice and strange rashes. I love my life! haha It is never a dull moment! We are more cautious now though, dont worry and we are going home even earlier. I am juuuust fine!

Well I love you all sooo much! Thanks for always writting me and supporting me! Yall are the best!

Love, Hermana Kami Alyse Alston

The hotel we stayed in

Inspecting houses with Hna Maravilla
Shopping for Corte on our way home from San Marcos. These ladies were the cutest!

This is a sacrament meeting room slash the Elders house.

Using internet. This is where I am as we speak. hehe

Hna Hidalgo came to our area to celebrate her bday. I miss her!!

Thought this was funny. Everyone here drives scooters! Its insane! Me and my scooter would fit right in!

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