Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 12th

Hello my dearest family and blog readers! So Ive been on the computer for like 45 minutes and my mind is still drawing a blank. I have absolutely nothing to tell you guys so this email is going to be very short. I dont know, Im kind of just thinking that Ill talk to yall in person in 2 weeks! haha

Lets see...Vivi is still doing good and excited to get baptised on the 17th. We also have another baptism for the same day. Its the brother of some other people we baptised back in November. Amanda and Darìo we are still hoping will get baptised the 17th but it may be the 24th.

We had a complete family in church yesterday. Me and Hna Arroyo have been working soo hard with this family and one day we decided that we needed to have a special prayer for them. So we prayed together and pretty much begged heavenly father to help them with us and asked him to bless that they would go to church and be able to feel the spirit and know that it is where they are supposed to be. So on Sunday, we asked a ward member to pass by and pick them up with us. Well it turns out that when we got there, the kids were sleeping, the dad went to work and the mom said that she couldnt go. To say the least, we were really sad. We were practically in tears. But we picked up some other investigators and inactives and went to church. I always have to sit on the stand cause I am the ward pianist. And while I was sitting there, all of the sudden, the ENTIRE family walks in! The mom, dad, 3 kids and an aunt. I was soooooo happy! The mom said that after we left her house, she felt so bad that she couldnt handle it and she woke the kids up and raced out the door. The moral of this story is... GOD LISTENS AND ANSWERS PRAYERS! Its incredible. It completely surprises me every time that God answers prayers and works miracles. You´d think that Id be used to it by now. I see it every day!

Well thats all I got for you today. I will try to think of something exciting to write you before next week. I love you so much! Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!

Love, Hermana Kami Alyse Alston

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