Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 19th

Hello my dearest familia! Well this week was wonderful! Mainly because we had 3 baptisms. Amanda, Gilmar and Vivi got baptised. I was especially excited about these baptisms because they were really high quality. haha What i mean by that is that they have strong testimonies. They also all had a LOT of challanges before we started meeting with them. Ill tell you what, there is no better feeling in the world than knowing that you have helped someone change there life. Because really Amanda and Vivi both had to change there lives completely before getting baptised. But they are both so commited to their change in life style and are soooo happy! Which in return, makes me one happy Hermana Alston! Amandas boyfriend Dario is another one of those cases. He is getting baptised this Saturday. He has had a LOT of challenges. Its insane. He is 18 but he looks and acts like hes in his late 20s. When we first started teaching him, he did not know how to pray, he didnt know anything about Christ, he had a "rat tail" style haircut, the whole 9 yards. He is HUGE and such a little gangster! haha But he has changed so much. He has had to stop smoking, drinking and completely turn his life around but he is doing it! When he went to Amandas baptism, he pulled me aside after and said, "Hermana. (with big tears in his eyes) I have never felt like this before, I feel something. I think that God loves me, I can feel it." He actually just called me about 30 minutes ago to thank us for taking interest in him and helping him, even though he didnt think he was worth it. He said that ever since we have been teaching him, he has felt a huge weight lifted from his shoulders. AH! Being a missionary is amazing! I am gong to miss it.

Other than that, this week there was another earthquake, but it was really small. Still scared me though. Oh and a bat flew in our house. I have never been so traumatized in my life. You KNOW how much I hate moths. Can you even imagine how horrified I was with a bat? It was in our house flying circles around my head at the speed of lightning. So I ran outside in this tiny area we have out back cause my comp was washing her clothes in our pila and I was screaming like a mad women at the top of my lungs. And when I told my comp about it, she started screaming histerically too! And it kept on flying outside with us and then flying back inside sooo sooo fast! So we both grab our brooms and are swinging at it but refuse to walk in the house. So after about 10 minutes of hiding outside and screaming at the top of our lungs, our neighbor came and yelled in our window..."hermanas! Whats happening?!" So we scream at her and tell her and she ran and got her husband and him and another neighbor came in our house and got it out. What a disaster. I was seriously practically in tears. Gosh, just when I think the last awful thing is going to happen to me, another experience comes. ha Im gonna miss it here.

Well I gotta go but I love you all oh so much! Hasta Lunes!

- Hermana Alston

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