Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 26th

Hello family! Well this has been one crazy week! It started off very fun. We has an Hermanas reunion. All the Hermanas from the mission got together and we had a grand ol time. We met on Monday night in Reu and President gave us a very intense lesson on how we need to get married. Like 4 hours. Dont worry. And of course, he was picking on me the entire night because Im already going home. And he made me promise him in front of everyone like 5 times that I was going to get married as fast as I possibly could. haha It was a nightmare. Then me and my whole zone stayed in a hotel together and we got up super early on Tuesday morning to go with the rest of the Hermanas to Champerico!! We went and played on the beach almost all day. Of course we couldnt go swimming or anything but we played volleyball and just chatted. It was fun. Then we got back on Tuesday afternoon, watched the best two years and Hna Maravilla taught some very important lifes lessons

Then we spent the rest of the week working sooooo hard to get 3 of our investigators baptised. Unfortunately, Darìo smoked like 2 days before his baptism so he couldnt get baptised and Glendy and Nery (The family that we are teaching) we ALMOST put a date for the baptism when they said that they wanted more time. Normally when they say that, we read them scriptures telling them that they need to do it NOW and shouldnt postpone. So the ZLs were there helping up and everything and we ALMOST had them, they were saying yes when my very new, has-no-idea companion said, "oh you want more time? ok, how about the 7th of April?" Once they got that date in their heads they were lost.

Yesterday and today, I am pretty much just saying bye to everyone. I said bye to Maria Gloria and her family and that was one of the saddest things I have ever had to do. They were all bawling. What a nightmare. Today, Im going to have to say bye to some other people I am VERY close to. I am not to excited about that. So I keep on trying to think about home a lot to get me excited. On Wednesday after the change meeting. All of the people who are leaving (there are 14 of us) are going to the temple in Xela with Presidente y Hermana Maravilla. I am super excited for that! Then we will have out last interviews and go to the Presidents house for dinner on Wednesday night. Then we will leave REU at 12 at night to go to the capital so we can catch our flights at 8. Gosh, its going to be a busy next few days!

I am having very mixed emotions right now. I dont even know how to feel. I am happy, sad, excited, nervous, bah!!! More than anything, I cannot believe that it has come to an end. What a CRAZY, FAST ride it has been. I am going to miss it sooooo much here but I am SO excited to see all of you and move on to exciting new things! I love you all sooo much and I cant WAIT to see you all! SEE YOU IN 3 DAYS!!!!!!

Love, Hermana Kami Alyse Alston

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