Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 16th

Helloooo familia!

I hope everything is going just wonderfully with you all but that you are not having ANY fun without me. Cause that would be sad huh? Im sorry to report that I am actually having quite a bit of fun without you guys. This week was good.

It started off with interviews with the President. I was nervous cause he was coming to our house to do them. I think to inspect the house or whatever. But it was so good. He is the nicest person in the world I decided. He just said so many nice things about me and told me how I am doing a fantastic job and how I am doing more than I think being the mission nurse and I take such a load off his shoulder and blah blah blah. He is so nice. But he also said that if it werent for my white skin, he would think I was a latina because my spanish is so good. After that, I disregarded all that he previously said because I know thats not true. haha But he also told me that he wants me to be completely free. He said that if I want to go and do a presentation on health in a different zone, all I have to do is ask for money, hop on a bus and go. And he said we could go exploring while were there and go on divisions with the Hermanas and stuff. He said that I am officially an office elder and can do what I want. ha So we already planned a trip to Mazatenango and we are leaving this Thursday. Im going to talk about health and Hna Nelson is going to give people English exams, and then we{re going to do divisions. Im excited to be able to see some different areas of the mission. I only know my little tiny area! ha I think we might go to a different zone every Thursday of this area. He also said that he doesnt know how long hna Nelson and I will be together. Maybe 1 more transfer, maybe 4 more, maybe no more. That would be INSANE if we were together for my next transfer cause I am going to hit my half way mark then. And I would STILL be with my trainer. baha!

As far as investigators, we are still teaching Juan Pable (the guy I had a dream about). He is our new best friend and soo hilarious. He thinks that everything we do is SUCH a sacrifice. And everytime he sees us (and we are usualy wet from the rain), he says "sacrificio!". He is very fascinated with the things we believe and when we invited him to be baptised, he said only if its in the river! (dead serious). But he said he still needs to study a lot more before he decides. So we are working on that....

I cant remember if I told you already or not about our investigator named Rony. He is the 17 yr old that had never even prayed before. Well he is VERY serious about this decision of being baptised. He asks tons of questions, like if we think he should break up with his girlfriend cause shes not religious and stuff. So precious. But anyways, he prayed for the first time and now he prays every night and we asked him how it was and how he felt and he said that he felt really content. And happy. And that all of his problems in life were just gone. And that every day will be better than the next. And that he had never felt anything like it before. But that he has a lot of difficulties and problems in his life, and when lately, when he prays, it feels all of them just fade away. He said that he feels like the things that hes learning, are solutions to all problems. SO CUTE! He was going to get baptised the 28th of this month but we have to set it back to the first weekend in June because he didnt go to church this Sunday and they have to assist 2 times before they can get baptised.

Yes, in answer to your questions, it has been raining. ALOT! Everyday! And not only that but there is so much lightening and thunder, it actually frightens me. Especially when it wakes me up from my sleep. But this is not just an ordinary rain storm. Its like nothing I have ever experienced before!!!!!!!!!

Well I gotta go, sorry this email was kinda boring. I had some funny stories to tell you but I ran out of time. LOVE YOU ALL!! Thank you so much for letters and emails and todo! Until next Monday!

- Hermana Kami Alyse Alston

This is all I got this week.

- I FOUND CACTUS!!! I never thought I would miss cactus....

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