Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23rd


Wow, this week was super duper crazy and I have soo much to say, I just dont know how Im gonna fit it all in. Ill start with our investigators like always.
Mom, I know you want an update on Rony and Juan Pablo. He was progressing perfectly and VERY excited about it all and being baptised and everything. And he PROMISED he was going to go to church this week. We even introduced him to the Bishop and some members to make him feel comfortable and he was so excited to go. But once again, when Sunday morning came, he was nowhere to be found. We still havent talked to him actually so we{ll see what happens with that. Then Juan Pablo. He is determined to get baptised in the river. But his challange is that he owns his own car shop and cant go to church on sunday either. So we talked to the other workers at the car place and asked them if they could fill in for him on Sunday and they said yes. So he promised he would come this next Sunday. Im really hoping he was telling the truth. We did have 2 investigators in church yesterday though which is like a MIRACLE for us right now so I was prettttty dang excited. It was so wonderful going to pick up 1,000,000 people for church and none of them were awake or they made up 30 thousand excuses of why they couldnt go and then we went to the last house on the way to church and her son was in a button down shirt with his hair in a mohawk and she was all decked out in heals, a Hannah Montana shirt and hot pink lipstick! WOOOHOO!! There is nothing better the going to someones house and seeing that they are already ready for church! hehe

Ok now Nursing stuff. We traveled to a different area called Mazatenango on Thursday to give a presentation on health stuff. Right when I got there, we were talking to the Hnas and one of them looked at me and gasped and said "HNA ALSTON!!! YOURE GETTING FAT!!!!" Seriously? Ok, the first 50 times of telling me that I just brushed it off. Now Im starting to get offended. Ok, so Ive been on a few pounds but Im not morbidly obese or anything!!! haha So anyway, after that, went on divisions with the Hnas there. I just happened to be put with my two favorite Hnas! I was super happy! One of them was the Hna that I lived with in Pamelita. It was really fun to see a different part of the mission and see how different Hnas taught. Unfortunately I didnt get to teach that much because an Elder called with abdominal pain super bad and had to go to the emergency room. Turns out, he has apendicitis and had to get emergency surgery. So I was on the phone allllll day with the doctor, president, salt lake, and BAWLING parents of the Elder. Very interesting. I also had to go to the hospital to see him after his surgery and call his parents to tell him he was ok. Quite traumitized. Poor things. The President complimented me all over the place about how good I handled everything and he said that the doctor told him that I was one of the best mission nurses of all of Central America so I was happy to hear that of course. hehe

THEN! Next exciting thing that happened. Saturday evening, we went to go visit some inactive members in Ocosito (AKA - middle of nowhere Guatemala). So we didnt have very long there because the last bus leaves at 6 to take us back to Reu and we got there at 5 and you have to walk a long way to get to the road. So we were just gonna make it a super quick visit and leave. But right when we got into their house, it started POURING rain. I have never in my whole life seen a storm like this. There was so much rain, and thunder and lightning, and WIIIIIND! So they live in a house (if you want to call it that) of tin and bamboo. And the tin hardly sticks together. And they just have one huge bed and dirt floors and thats it. So we are all sitting there on their bed chatting and the storm comes SO FAST and their roof flies off! And their house starts falling apart and water is POURING in onto the bed. Oh and did I mention that they live right on a river? Like RIGHT on it. So Migdalia (the member) grabs her baby and little 2 year old and is trying to get away from everything and her husband is trying to hold the roof on the house. And Hna Nelson and I look out the door at the river and we literally watched the WALL of water flood in. It was the craziest thing I have ever seen! The river got HUGE so fast and did not stop growing. It was the scariest thing ever. I felt like I was in a hurricane. By this time, it was past 6 (so we missed the buses) and we could not walk back the the road cause the river covered the trail back there. But when the river didnt stop growing, we decided that we needed to leave. So Migdalias husband took us a back way back to the main road. We were walking in water to our knees for like 20 minutes. And he helped us hitch a ride back to Reu. When we left, we realized we werent in any real danger but it was still sooo scary at the time. I just feel so bad for Migdalia and her family. I wonder where they slept that night. I have SO much more sympathy for people who actually do experience hurricanes and such and only have a tin house to shelter them. I was just in a big storm and it was scary stuff.

Anyways, I hope that all made sense. I wrote that really fast. I love you all! Have a great week!

- Hermana Kami Alyse Alston

our neighbors Guadalupe and her fam. LOVE THEM! The little girl is always pantless.

Divisions in Mazate

My new and improved umbrella! Happiest day of my life!

1 day old piglet on a pig farm....jealous Allen family? hehe
One of my fav Hnas (Hna Rosales) - divisions in Mazate


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