Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 9th letter and pic

Holaaaaaaa! Mi familia! It was sooooo good to talk to you all yesterday but the time went by WAY to fast. I felt like I hardly got to talk to you at all! What can you do? At least I get to talk to you at Christmas time right? Its not so far away right? haha

Well this week was preeetty darn crazy! It seemed like I was doing a lot of extra stuff, not just missionary work. Last Monday, the President and Hna Maravilla invited us over to their house for lunch. We thought that they wanted to talk to us about something like nursing stuff or something but it turns out that they just wanted us over for lunch. haha Im not sure why. It was pretty hilarious because a HUGE majority of the conversation was President talking about how fat all the Hnas in the mission were. You must remember its a very different culture here. They are very very honest, not trying to be rude or anything. President told me that I looked like I gained a lot of weight. "At least 10 lbs" he said. Why yes, yes I have. Thank you. haha I love him.

Then the next day, we met with Hna Maravilla to plan an Hermanas Conference thats coming up. Basically we are all going to stay the night together and do a bunch of activities for fun. haha But anyways, we were planning what kind of activities we could do and Hna Maravilla suggested a class on matching your clothing. Then she got a real hushed voice (you know the kind of voice you get when your gossiping) and said "some of these Hnas just dont know how to dress! Some of them will were one color for their skirt and a different color for the top that doesnt even match!" Or something of the sort. Then she said "None of them are going to be able to get married like that!!" haha! I was having THE hardest time not dying laughing. She was very very serious though.

Then the next day, I had to drain a cyst that an Elder and Hermana had in the mission. Unfortunately we couldnt find a needle big enough to drain it because the gunk inside was sooooo thick. Yummy. I counted and there were 12 Elders in the office watching me. WONDERFUL. No pressure at all. That was a good time. There were lots of cameras out filming it and such. Nightmare.

These whole week has been full of Nursing stuff. One Hna passed out and didnt wake up for 10 min. Then she called me at like 2 in the morning saying that she was in so much pain, she needed to go to the ER. Then yesterday an Elder called and said that if I dont send him to the doctor right now, hes calling his family to go home. Craziness. Everything is relatively calm now though.

We found new investigator this week. And I heart him. His name is Rony. He is 17 years old and is going to this military school type thing that they have here. I like the boys that go to that school cause they are the only polite ones here. haha But anyways, he has never ever gone to church, or said a prayer in his life! EVERYTHING is new to him. EVERYTHING. Hes great though cause he expresses all his feelings and he repeats everything we say back to us just to make sure he understands. But lately the President has really been pushing that we need to challange people to be baptised like the first lesson. I dont really like to do that cause I think its obnoxious. But he says that you never know when they are going to say yes. And you NEED to invite them. So anyways, with our first lesson with him, Hna Nelson challanged him to be baptised and I was thinking in my head OH NO! Hes going to go running! And then Hna Parada set a goal for a date to be baptised. I was horrified! But to my surprise, he said yes! And he said that he think 2 weeks is long enough to think about it and decide! WHAT? We NEVER hear that! All we ever hear is "Oh Hermanas, its so fast! Way to fast! I have to think about it for a loooong time!" Huge slap in the face to me. So we are working to a baptism in 2 Saturdays from now. Needless to say, I challanged the next 2 people to be baptised and they also said yes. Dont get to excited, nothing is set in stone yet. haha

We also walked by the house of one of our investigators yesterday and we saw her inside reading the Book of Mormon! I almost squealed I was so excited. Especially cause I had 0 hope for her. We have to teach her like one tiny principal at a time because the information doesnt stick to well. Then we saw Juan Pablo (the old man I had a dream about) out on his front porch reading the paper and we walked up to him and said "JUAN...why arent you reading the Book of Mormon out here? Its so much better than the paper. haha He laughed and siad, " dont get mad at me!! Im gonna read it, Im gonna read it!" We are so obnoxious. But you gotta do what you gotta do if you want to change peoples lives right? hehe

Well I best be going but I love you all soooooooo dang much! Im sorry that you all havent gotten many letters from me lately. I have come to the conclusion that its almost pointless to write them because only about 30% make it there. Just know that there are letters to you floating around out there somewhere. Thanks for writing me though. You make my LIFE! Love ya! Have a fantastic week!

Love, Hermana Kami Alyse Alston

Draining the Elders cysts

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