Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 30th

Hello family! It seems like a JUST wrote you all a letter and that you guys couldn{t possibly want to hear from me again. But TOO BAD! haha

This week was also pretty eventful. Nobody called me fat so that it pretty much a miracle!! Basically made my week.

Well as always, Ill start off by telling you about the investigators news. There is a girl named Carolina that we are teaching. I cant remember if I already told you about her. But anyways, she has a boyfriend that is on a mission and he gets back in December. And she is all ready to get baptised but she wants him to do it! NOOOOO!!! haha We suggested that maybe his dad could do it instead and she was open to that idea so we{ll see what happens. We also have a baptism this saturday! I am so excited! His name is Samuel. He is 12 years old and we have been teaching him and some of his cousins. He is 100% into the church and sooooo excited to get baptised and get the priesthood. He shows up at church all by himself, stays the whole time. Is excited to start paying his tithing and everything. Its really cute. His dad gave permission no problem and just barely started teaching his dad and their family. We have also been teaching his cousin Danisa and she wants to get baptised next week. I hope it actually happens.

We also have been working a lot with the members lately and asking them for references and to introduce us to their neighbors. So yesterday we did that. And at first nobody wants to give us references but we had her kneel with us and pray that she would be able to think of a family that we could visit. So she did and almost right after the prayer, she named a family. And she went over with us to visit them. And she was AWESOME! She has only been a member for like 2 years and she just so nervous. But she went on and on about how much the gospel has blessed her life and how grateful she is for it. So she taught a little lesson with us. And afterward, when we walked out of the house she just started getting teary eyed and was like " Hermanas! I just love sharing the gospel with EVERYONE because I just feel pure joy when I share it with people. I just feel so blessed to have it in my life and I want it for everyone!! I KNEW we needed to go visit that family." It was precious. I hope that this turn out to be positive.

As far as nursing stuff. I was up all through the night last night cause ANOTHER Elder had Apendicits and had to get emergency surgery. In the same zone. What are the chances? I think I must be failing as a nurse because everyone is getting deathly ill. Mostly just parasites but its horrible. Poor things. Ive been very blessed and hardly sick at all.

Funny story that happened. We went to visit one of our old investigators and he is a jewelry maker and SUPER poor. So we asked him to make us CTR rings in spanish. So we drew a picture of what we wanted them to look like and wrote everything out and gave it to him on a paper and everything. So it was supposed to just say HLJ and thats all. So we went to go and pick our rings up and it is this HUGE ring that says "Hna Alston REU 2010-2012" baha! I was dying laughing. Especially cause the one he made for Hna Nelson also had my name on it. When we told him we wanted HLJ rings and showed him the picture we drew for him of our rings he said " oh Hnas, I cant see that! Im almost blind now" haha Oh well. I think its awesome and I LOVE IT! Especially cause its from an old investigator. Ill try to get a picture with him and send it next week.

Everything else is going great here! We have changes in a week and a half and Im nervous cause Hna Nelson and I are probably gonna seperate! Or maybe we{re going to be together our whole missions. haha We shall see! My poor other companion. Hna Parada is still good ol Hna Parada. She tripped 11 times yesterday. Twice in the middle of the freeway while we were crossing, one time she ran into a pole and on the way home for the night fell in a giant pot hole and fell all the way to the ground in front of so many people. She also spilt a pot of boiling water down her legs and now is purple and blistered. Oh and broke the toilet seat so we dont have a seat at all anymore. She reminds me so much of the guy off of pure luck. Poor thing. I just sometimes think...what would she do if we werent hear to pull her out of the freeway? I think she would be dead.

Well family, I gotta go but I love you all sooooo much! Dont forget my birthday the 16th. Im expecting lots of letters and GIANT packages. The top things on my wish list this year are.... a washer, dryer, air conditioning and carpet. Thanks! Have a great week!

Love, Hermana Kami Alyse Alston

A new family in our ward that the Elders baptized!

THE RIVER! AHHH!!! It doesnt even look as fierce as it was

The rings that we got instead of our CTR rings.

The Presidente wanted a picture with us in our awesome boots

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