Friday, May 6, 2011

May 2nd letter and pics

Well hello my dearest family! I bet you are all dying to hear about changes...duh duh duh! haha Actually no one probably cares. But Hermana Nelson are still together! SHOCKER! I think we are going to be together until she dies in November. And we{re still in the same area. The only change is WE GOT A NEW COMP! Hna Noj finished her mission and went home so we are in another trio with a Hna Parada. She is from El Salvador. Shes sweet and she wants to work hard which is good!

I feel pretty happy about this week cause we worked SUPER hard. And we found lots of new people to teach. Im not sure if any of them are positive but thats not what matters. haha After finding about 20 new investigators, one of them is bound to be positive right? So something interesting happened. A few weeks ago, I had a dream about this guy that we see on the street every day. It was pretty random because we have never really talked to him but I had this huge long dream about him. haha I dreamt that we contacted him and we told him about the Book of Mormon and he was like "what the heck? you pass by me everyday and you have never told me this? WHY NOT?" And he was kind of upset. But in my dream he read the whole Book of Mormon and got baptised and was thrilled and thanked us for helping him find exactly what he had been missing his whole life. Intense right? Yeah, I thought so too. So about a week later we were walking by him and we COULDN{T just pass him up right? So we stopped and talked to him and he was VERY interested and asking TONS of questions. We{ve talked to him 2 times now and we have more apts with him. But I hope it turns out EXACTLY like my dream. haha He is a cute like 75 year old man. I like him a lot.

So funny story. Last night we were giving a lesson to one of our investigators. And Hna Parada was with us naturally. And he asked like 100 times if she was our translator. And we were like NOOOOOO!!! We speak spanish and understand spanish. And he was utterly confused and was like...but youre from the United States right? And we said yes and he was like...well then you dont speak spanish. Just English. We tried so hard to explain to him that we didnt speak Spanish before but that now we do. But he insisted that she was our translator. So we said...umm have you not noticed that she doesnt speak english? She couldnt even translate if she wanted to. And then he turned to Hna Parada and said "so do you have to go to training to be a translator? or is it just a volunteer thing?" baha! She kept on telling him that she was just our companion, not a translator but he just didnt get it. People are SO ENTERTAINING!

Im not sure if I already told you this but people ask us all the time why we are soooo HUGE! haha And we were taking a tuk tuk to one of our appointments and our driver said...."no seriously, I want to know....what do they feed you in the states cause you are SOOO BIG!" Why thank you. I feel very good about myself now. haha Im sure you can imagine how little this guy was.

In answer to your questions, it is still the hottest thing I have ever experienced here. People often asked me if I got wet from the rain. I have to tell them no and that its just sweat. I think i{ll start lying. haha But everyone has been telling us that May is the start of the perma- rainy season. And sure enough, on May 1st, there was a huuuuge storm. It rains quite a bit but nothin like this storm. All the streets were rivers and all the people were shoveling water out of their houses. Craziness! I love it though. The only thing Im not a huge fan of is the lights going out almost every night. It really puts a burden on my making a delicious meal at night. Oh well, its all part of the Guatemalan experience I suppose.

Well I gotta go but I love you all SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! Thank you for your letters and pictures and EVERYTHING! They make my life!

Love, Hermana Kami Alyse Alston

p.s. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!!!!!

kids wanting to look at pictures

hello Hna Parada (these are easter stuff that Hna Nelsons mom sent us)

goodbye Hna Noj!

This was not staged. haha

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